Results of the UN75 global survey

Results of the UN75 global survey

The United Nations conducted the global campaign for formation of public opinion within the limits of celebrating of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The majority of people all over the world supported its multilateral character in solution of global problems.

UN75 Initiative was put forward by UN Secretary General Antόnio Guterres in January, last year to understand hopes and expectations of the world community concerning the future, and also their ideas concerning the international cooperation. More than 1, 5 million people from 195 countries took part in the campaign by means of polls and dialogues.

UN75 Global conversation showed that 97 % of respondents support the international cooperation for solution of global problems, noted Guterres.

Announcing results of the global poll, special adviser of UN Secretary General Fabrizio Hochschild pointed out that innovative methods and artificial intelligence, including through social networks were used. He explained that opinions of people are uniform, when business concerns hopes and fears of people for the future.

In the nearest priorities after COVID-19 the world is uniform in aspiration to the best access to basic services of public health services, quality education, and water and sanitary.

Considering influence of crisis on children and education, respondents highly appreciated increase in investments into education and youth programs, especially in the countries of Africa to the south from Sahara, and also in Central and South Asia.


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