06.09.2017 | Specialists of Individual Enterprise “Dalchyn” have been working closely with the Executive Committee on preparation of the 5th AIMAG

Preparation for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) is a crucial part of our country’s life.AIMAG is going to become the large-scale event not only for Turkmenistan, but also for the whole Central Asian Region and will gather tens of thousands of spectators and participants.

Both state and private enterprises have been actively involved in preparation for the Games.Individual Enterprise Dalchyn (Dalchyn) is also making its contribution by providing language training and translation services.

Dalchyn is one of the first companies in Turkmenistan that provides the full range translation services.In September 2016, the company started cooperation with Trivandi Chanzo Limited (TCL), the British Company and official consultant of the Executive Committee on preparation of the 5th AIMAG.

Within short period of time two companies have brought together a group of highly qualified translators who are currently involved in preparation for the event.Dovlet Rejepov, who assisted experts of TCL in delivering training said: “Everyone knows that volunteers are the face of the Games, as they form first impression of athletes and visitors about Turkmenistan, our capital and Ashgabat 2017.

To help the Games, over 8 000 young talents, mostly students from Turkmen Universities, have been involved in "The First Stars" volunteer program.Special trainings organized by TCL for team leaders will help the First Stars to understand their Games time responsibility and develop their language skills.

AIMAG will test professional approach and solidarity of Dalchyn team as they are expected to fulfill a variety of tasks including simultaneous and consecutive translation, translation of official documentation and other ad hoc support.

One of the challenges that Dalchyn will face during the Games is ensuring timely provision of high quality services as its main priority is to create all opportunities for Ashgabat 2017 to become a dialogue of cultures without language barriers. “We are proud to participate in the preparation for the 5th AIMAG", - said Nazar Atajanov director and founder of Dalchyn.

The Games provide an excellent opportunity for us and other representatives of the Turkmen private sector to enrich their professional experience while working on large-scale international projects.Our country is quickly becoming the center of many international forums, symposiums, scientific conferences and political events.

The number of foreign companies that invest in the development of Turkmenistan's economy and attract local workforce that speaks foreign languages is growing rapidly.Currently, Dalchyn education centre is providing language courses in Turkmen, English, Russian, German and French languages.

Most of the students prefer learning English, as it is the language of international communication.In view of this, Dalchyn has established close cooperation with Cambridge University Press, and currently using their teaching materials for its courses.

Main objective set by the teachers of Dalchyn is effective language teaching within short period of time and with an individual approach to each student.For example, English language training program allows starters to master the language in six stages, within 18 months.

With due diligence those listeners who have passed all six stages, will be able to comfortably pass the IELTS exam, which is required for work in foreign companies or for enrolment to international universities.

This year Dalchyn education centre is preparing to enroll new listeners for autumn courses on 11th of September.The motto of Dalchyn: “Learn languages, discover the world!” “We use modern technology and approach to teaching in order to develop communicative skills of our listeners within short period of time”, said Guncha Bagiyeva instructor of English at the Centre.

Strict quality control of educational process and assessment allow students achieve high results.In addition, we offer our listeners practical exercises aimed at developing communicative skills, including reading, watching and discussing films, various contests and games.

The upcoming AIMAG motivate us to further improve our work.” Dalchyn translates from Turkmen as “cinnamon” the favorite spice for gourmets that gives special piquancy to food and drinks.

Not only cinnamon is renowned for its healing properties but it also invigorates leaving a long lasting aftertaste.Similar to this, graduates of Dalchyn education centre acquire a separate line in their CVs confirming the knowledge of foreign languages as well as international communication skills, which makes them more competitive in the labor market.

Recently, the Center has received request from the State Concern “Turkmengas” to develop special language courses for engineers of the national oil and gas industry.Based on this, the Centre is planning to design special language courses for specialists of the oil & gas complex, which will consist of five training stages delivered in Turkmenistan, and the sixth, practical course - delivered in the UK.

Currently, the company is engaged in negotiations with Cambridge University Press in order to become their official partner, which will allow Dalchyn to distribute licensed training materials of this famous University in our country.

The adaptation of teaching materials to the socio-cultural context of Turkmenistan is the long-term perspective for cooperation.Such textbooks will be adapted to the cultural, historical and linguistic features of the Turkmen people.

Future plans of Dalchyn include opening of a specialized school for training experts in business, law, computer literacy and accounting in English.Through this, the company intends to train specialists, focused on work with international companies working in Turkmenistan, which in turn will create opportunity for young graduates to gain necessary skills without leaving the country.

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The team of translators of “Ashgabat 2017” consists of specialists of "Dalchyn" Education & Translation Center
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