General news

Overhaul of Railway Tracks Underway in Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan Doubles Greenhouse Tomato Exports to Russia
Railway tracks are being repaired in Turkmenistan
Railway tracks are being updated in Turkmenistan
Turkish Airlines organizes a special flight from Turkmenbashi to Istanbul
Turkish Airlines announced the conditions for the return of air tickets to passengers from Turkmenistan
Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Hytaý Halk Respublikasynyň ýolbaşçylaryny HHR-iň jar edilen güni bilen gutlady
Iran Triples Its Exports by Rail Through Sarakhs Border Crossing
Ashgabat was decorated for the Independence Day of Turkmenistan
Commemorating 9/11
Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti sanly ulgam arkaly iş maslahatyny geçirdi
The U.S. Embassy will sell a generator on September 17, 2021
The U.S. Embassy will conduct an Auction on July 09, 2021
President of Turkmenistan expresses condolences to the Queen of Great Britain
New PETRONAS drilling platform shipped to its place of operation photo/video by ORIENT
The dietician revealed the reasons of emotional overeating