19.09.2017 | Turkmenistan National team is leading in total medal count at the V Asian Games

Ashgabat 2017 Games are ongoing in the Olympic village.Last day was rich for events: the competitions in 11 sports were held where medals were contested in five of them.

On the same day, belt wrestling jujitsu and power lifting competitions brought 27 medals including 14 gold one to the collection of our team.It allowed keeping confident leadership of our country in total medal count.

By the outcomes of all days of the competitions, our national team has 89 prizes - 43 gold m, 28 silver and 18 bronze medals.Belt wrestling competitions have been started.

Turkmen team has very good promises in this sports what was proven on the first day of the tournament when the fights in classic discipline have taken place.Fifteen Turkmen wrestlers were in the final back then and four matches were held only between the representatives of Turkmen tea, what guaranteed both gold and silver medals.

As the result of men’s free style belt wrestling competitions, Myrat Jumayev (above 100 kg), Seydu Batyrov (100 kg), Tagantach Giychmamedov (55 kg), Arslan Ashyrgeldiyev (60 kg), Begench Yagmyrov (65 kg), Yagshymyrat Annamyradov (70 kg), Silapberdy Nuriyev (80 kg) and Arslan Yagmyrov (65 kg) won the gold.

Lachyn Badagliyeva (50 kg), Zarina Abdyrahmanova (55 kg), Zuhra Madraimova (60 kg), DInara Halliyeva (65 kg), Nasiba Surkiyeva (70 kg) were the best in women belt wrestling.Hoshgeldy Hanayev (100 kg), Myalik Annabayev (55 kg), Agageldy Tagandurdiyev (60 kg) Tirkishgeldy Ayzov (65 kg) won silver medals.

Roza Tashpulatova (60 kg) and Gulnar Haiytbayeva (65 kg) were the second among the women.Two bronze medals in belt wrestling were recived by Gylych Jumayev (9 kg) and Rozymyrat Medov (70 kg) Unlike belt wrestling competitions that have just started, it was the last day of jujitsu tournament.

It also brought different medals to national team.The contest for the medals in Ne-waza style was continued.The final fight in women’s above 70 kg weight category was held between Turkmen wrestlers.

Aysoltan Garchovova took gold medal, having taken over Sabina Agajanova who received the silver.Other our sportsmen met in two contest for the bronze in Ne-waza.As the result, Ulyana Nazarovf, having taken over her compatriot Gulbahar Madraimova in the weight category up to 49 kg, and Dinara Jumadurdiyva who beat Amina Halyllayeva in weight category up to 45 kg, received the bronze.

Turkmen power lifters also received some prizes in the competitions.Our athlete Meretguly Sahetmuradov was the third in weight category up to 62 kg, having lifted 287 kg total in snatch and jerk and lost to the sportsmen from China and Vietnam.

Kristina Shermetova also won the bronze in weight category up to 53 kg, having lifted 196 kg in snatch and jerk and yielded 12 and 8 kg respectively to the athletes from China and Philippines who got the gold and silver.

Different discipline billiard competitions.where Turkmenistan National team takes part, have also started.That day brought some success to our compatriots three out of four sportsmen went to the semi-final of single competitions in Russian pyramid discipline.

These are Annamamed Annnamamedov, Begench Aydogdiyev and Ibabekir Bekdurdiyev.The competitions are ongoing.Men’s futsal matches are also continued, Turkmenistan team met the leader of A group from Solomon Islands.

Having started confidently the first half and scored two goals, our team allowed the contesters to equalize the score.However, in the second half, Turkmen futsal players scored another two goals and won 4:2 what allowed Turkmenistan leading the table of group A, having replaced Solomon Island team to the second position.

Vietnam national team in the third place in the group, having scored eight goals to Hong Kong team.In group B, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan teams has 6 points each y the results of the day.

Maldives and China have not points yet.In C group, Thailand caught up with Japan by the points.The leader will be defined in the match on September 21.

Iran is the first in the group D, having won Jordan with 7:3 score and gained 6 points.Kyrgyzstan achieved the same scoring as Jordan, having taken over the players form Tahiti with 4:2 score.

In the track and field athletics, the medals were contested in hot step and jumps, long jumps and different race competitions.Representatives of Turkmenistan team in these disciplines succeeded to get to the final was not able to get any place at the podium.

There was also heptathlon competition on that day.First round matches continued on the tennis courts.All matches were held under stubborn play.The match of Turkmen tennis player Jahan Bayaramova against Mahta Khanlu from the Islamic Republic of Iran was very tough.

Having lost 3:6 in the first set, Jahan managed to win 7:6 in tie-break of the second set.The third set was decisive where J.

Bayramova won her rival with 7:5 score, having won the entire match by this and received the right to continue competitions.Our player Yuri Rogusskiy lost to David Susanto from Indonesia in two sets and left the competitions.

Tennis double competitions are to start on the next day where our sportsmen Anastasia Prenko and Isa Mammetguliyev will meet Gevin Yakopo and Sayntly Moloti from Tuvalu.Quarterfinal fights were held in Thai boxing on that day.

By the outcomes of the competitions, Rusdem Bayramdurdiyev (57 kg), Adylbek Nurmetov (60 kg), Nurgeldy Atayev (63.5 kg), Mustafa Saparmyradov (67 kg), Yusup Byashimov (75 kg), Kuvatmyrat Ilmyradov (81 kg) and Dovletmyrad Guyjov (81 kg) were qualified for semi-final.

Selbi Jumayeva (51 kg), Yanyl Kavisova (54 kg), Gulshat Gylyjova (57 kg) are among women semi-final in this sport.Turkmen 3X3 basketball women team was qualified for the quarterfinal, having taken the second position in A group.

The win over Mongolia was decisive one.Both teams were equal however, our players took over the rivals with 19:17 score.Syria National team is heading the table of A group, having won Turkmenistan and Mongolia.

Men’s basketball matches have also started on the same day.Mongolia team with two wins in A group secured its place in quarterfinal.The second team will be defined in the match between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Thailand and Chinese Taipei are leading in B group, having taken over Indonesia and Guam.The winners in taekwondo in weight categories up to 63 and 87 kg men’s and 53 and 73 kg women’s were defined.

Unfortunately, Turkmen fighters were not able to beat the rivals on the way to the podium.Qualification sprint races and pursuit races among men with participation of our team took place under cycling competitions.

By the outcomes of the first day, Turkmen four racers will continue the contest.

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