22.11.2017 | President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visits the Motor Racing Centre

The President of Turkmenistan visited the Motor Racing Centre located in the northern part of the capital, where he inspected new modern racing cars.During offsite session of the State Security Council on November 21, Minister of Internal Affairs I.

Mulikov reported that the vehicles were delivered to the Centre, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, and asked the Head of the State to visit the complex and have a look at new cars.

The Motor Racing Centre of Turkmenistan was opened in September 2013 and the first races with the participation of the Head of the State took place after the opening ceremony.

We all remember how President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov performed at the races more than once under lucky number of seven.By the way, actively practicing motor racing in the youth and participating in different competitions back then, the Head of the State always used the car with number seven.

Driving Alfa Romeo with the same number, Turkmen leader demonstrated impressive racing skills, high class of driving sport car, commitment and will to win, having won the competition against professional racer the Centre opening ceremony.

Such bright beginning in the history of the Centre promoted acquiring fast popularity among the youth and new followers to do this technical sport.There were many competitions ever since in the Centre, including national level championships; its structure has been developed, equipment and facilities base has been consolidated and the fleet has been supplemented with new cars.

It has such sport cars as Volkicar, Renault, Mitsubishi Lancer, Alfa Romeo as well as cart vehicles, quad bikes and other.During current visit, the Head of the State inspected the new vehicles, expressed the interest in their technical specifications, operation and maintenance features.

The President of the country said that the State would continue supporting the development of automobile sport, replenishing the feet with new modifications of the vehicles.The Head of the State again noted the importance of the popularisation and development of physical and health-improving movement and sports of high achievement in the country with active attraction of not only the youth but broader levels of the population.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov checked the condition of the ring track, which combines classic and modern elements various turns, curves for reducing the speed and other.Its level allows making large international competitions.

Special attention was paid to the provision of technical zone and construction of safety systems.The Head of the State made a ride at the track, having had the drive test of one of new racing cars, engine power, manoeuvrability, acceleration, breaking and comfort of the pilot.

The Head of the State made few circles around the track of the Motor Racing Centre of Turkmenistan, which foundation is another evidence of the increased popularity of various sports in our country including those that have started recently appearing in the country.

There are large perspective for national automobile sport nowadays.The personal merits of the Head of the State in this matter are huge.Owing to the attention of Turkmen leader, equipment and facilities base of national automobile sport has been renewed and expanded, new speed sport vehicles have been procured what stipulated the flow of the youth to this sport, improvement of the skills of the pilots and coaches.

At the same time, it makes favourable prepositions for foundation of international centre for automobile sport competitions.Rapid and dynamic development of Turkmen State is compared with the flight of a fast Ahalteke horse.

Today, speed vehicles, railroad transport running along steel lines, powerful marine vessels and snow-white cruisers expanding the geography of the routes from Turkmenistan around the world can be included, by right, to this symbolical range.

And these parallels are justified.Turkmenistan, involved in international coordinate system with unprecedented speed, occupies deserving position in the arena of the world politics as reliable and prescient partner in solution of global issues and problems of the region.

It was again confirmed by the VII Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA VII) in Ashgabat last week.The meeting under the Energy Charter Conference, which Turkmenistan chairs in 2017, planned on 28 29 November is another evidence to this.

As is known, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, having declared the prosperity of every citizen as the main target of the development of modern Turkmenistan, involves everything that one way or another is related with health of people, creation of all conditions for their work, study, rest and doing sports to the sphere of progressive reforms.

The formation of modern health infrastructure in the country, which is together with medical facilities includes sanatorium, resort and sport spheres, the industry of health-improving recreation and entertainments, is dedicated to that purpose.

The Avaza National tourism zone under development on the ecological Caspian Coast, where yacht clubs and sports complexes have been built already and construction of golf courts and race truck are planned, is beautiful example of this.

One of the most important objectives is to endsure the upbringing of physically strong young generation starting from early childhood.All necessary conditions have been created to achieve it the projects of new educational facilities that were built and are under construction in all cities and etraps of Turkmenistan must have the gyms provided with top modern sports equipment, basketball, football and volleyball fields, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Children’s sanatoriums, which have been built by the request of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the best corners of nature of the country like Gyokdere, the Caspian seacoast and every velayat, have the excellent conditions for active leisure.

The Olympic Village the largest sports complex in Central Asia equipped in accordance with the time demands, was built in the capital for future participants of the Olympics and other large international tournaments.

In other words, all necessary conditions for different sports competitions of any level including the international have been created in our country.The same importance is attached to the development of automobile sport.

The Head of Turkmenistan is not only the supporter of this sport but an excellent racer himself as well.Modern race tracks will be built by the initiative of the President of the country in all velayats and successful performance of Turkmen racers in captivating high-class automobile competitions gives us the hope for new victories.

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