A bribe for nostrification of foreign diplomas in Turkmenistan reaches $2500

In recent months hundreds of Turkmen nationals, including graduates of foreign universities, have returned to Turkmenistan in repatriation flights.

They are currently trying to have their diplomas recognized. Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that this is a lengthy procedure. It may take some university graduates over a year to have their formal education qualifications acknowledged, for instance, a medical diploma, which is in demand.

The procedure of diploma nostrification is the following: all education-related documents, including a diploma, need to be translated into Turkmen and notarized. Two copies of the documents, as well as the original of the diploma, must be personally submitted by an applicant to the Ministry of Education.

However, before reviewing the documents on completion of higher education, officials verify the dates of entry to and exit from the country based on relevant stamps an international travel passports.

If they do not coincide with the dates of holidays or semesters, suspicions may arise that a student was not studying during the academic year and the documents may not be accepted.

This is followed by a lengthy process of reviewing all submitted certificates which is processed for months in the Ministry. However, university graduates told a correspondent of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” that the procedure can be expedited for a bribe.

For example, a diploma of Teacher Training or Economics Universities can be acknowledged for a bribe of $1000, a diploma in Legal Studies or Medicine for $2500.

If a diploma is acknowledged without a bribe, an applicant needs to receive a reply from the Ministry of Education.In case all documents certifying the completion of formal qualifications are in order, candidates for nostrification of diplomas are referred to relevant Turkmen educational establishment to study additional subjects, envisaged by a curriculum of Turkmen universities.

The completion of a course in social studies, which primarily consists of studying the writings of former President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, is mandatory.The number of additional classes depends on the field of specialization and differences in foreign and domestic educational establishments.

For instance, a course for teachers lasts a month whereas lawyers must attend classes for six months.The education is free of charge.

As other students, graduates of foreign universities must wear national dress for classes: girls are obliged to wear a long dress and a scull-cap and young men must wear white shirts and black trousers.The post A bribe for nostrification of foreign diplomas in Turkmenistan reaches $2500 first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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