Afghanistan to increase imports of liquefied gas from Turkmenistan to reduce domestic prices

The Afghan news agency Khaama Press reports that Afghanistan and Turkmenistan have concluded the agreement on the import of “thousands of tons” of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from Turkmenistan.

The import of LPG, popularly known as cylinder gas, from Turkmenistan, will be brought into the country from the ports of Hayratan, Aqina, and Turghandi.

The increase in global oil and gas prices has resulted in an unprecedented rise in the cost of liquefied gas and fuel in Afghanistan.

The government of Afghanistan expects that the price of gas will considerably drop with the increased import of the purchased LPG into the country’s markets.

According to the new agency Ariana news, Afghanistan has also increased imports of oil and gas from Iran.

The Herat police command said that they have seized tons of low-quality oil in recent months and threatened to prosecute anyone who still imports low-quality. The news agency does not specify from what country the poor quality oil is imported.

As previously reported, gas prices in Afghanistan depend on its value in the Turkmen stock exchange inter alia.

In April 2022 the price for a ton of liquefied oil in Turkmenistan went up from $500 to $591 over a week.

This has caused a price hike in Afghanistan.

Primary suppliers of liquefied gas to Afghanistan are Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.The post Afghanistan to increase imports of liquefied gas from Turkmenistan to reduce domestic prices first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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