Apple in 2023 releases new models of their products, but loud sensations shouldn’t be expected

Apple in 2023 releases new models of their products, but loud sensations shouldn’t be expected

Apple company is getting ready to release in 2023 new models of smartphones, macbooks, displays and different gadgets, writes.

In 2023, the updated iPhone 14 will be released.The update, however, will only affect the case color, and what color it will be, has not been yet reported.

This is done to warm up the interest of buyers, which is usually weakens after the New Year and Christmas holidays.It is also expected the release of iPhone 15 with a USB-C port, an updated case design and touch sensitive power and volume buttons.

MacBook Pro 14 and MacBokk Pro 16 inches will get a new M2 chip, other updates in these models are not expected. The MacBook Air will get a wider, 15.5 inch screen.

In September, Apple will release full-sized earphones AirPods Max 2. Among the characteristics of the future gadget are improved sound, USB-C ports, sensors of skin detection and moisture protection and (probably) removable headbands.

Mobile operational system IOS 16 will be updated to version 17, but it is supposed that the characteristics of the new iOS 17 will not differ much from the current version.

The company is also getting ready to introduce iMac Monoblock with a M3 chip and new display Pro Display XDR with a new chip and support of a 120 Hz screen update frequency.

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