Ashgabat Exhibition Celebrates Achievements of World and Domestic Horse Breeding

An International Trade Exhibition and the 11th International Scientific Conference entitled The Turkmen Horse and World Horse Breeding’ have opened in the capital.They are timed to coincide with National Turkmen Horse Day, marked publicly in our country.

Among many foreign guests, who arrived in Turkmenistan to attend the festivities, are horse industry representatives, experts, equine scientists, avid fans of the ancient Turkmen breed, and enthusiastic promoters of famed Akhalteke horses from Europe, Asia and America.

This year, the special exhibition and scientific conference brought together representatives of some 50 leading companies and firms from 20-plus countries - Germany, Great Britain, Uruguay, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Turkey, Canada, France, Iran, China, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, the UAE, Pakistan, India, the Russian Federation, Jordan, Moldova, among others.

The impressive number of the countries participating testifies to the immense prestige of sectoral forums annually co-organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Turkmen Atlary State Association.

Arranged in the exhibition hall at the Chamber of Commerce, the extensive exposition celebrates the achievements of world and domestic horse breeding, and features different equestrian sports, historical and cultural experience, contemporary practice in the field, and prospects for international scientific and professional business partnerships.

Cabinet members, senior officials of the Mejlis, national ministries and agencies, khyakims of the regions and Ashgabat, heads of the Ashgabat-based diplomatic missions and international organizations, participants in the 9th meeting of the International Akhalteke Horse Breeding Association, representatives of public organizations, scientific and artistic circles, and the mass media were among those taking part in an opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Alongside with colorful exhibition stands and pavilions of our country’s ministries, agencies, Ashgabat museums and Turkmen entrepreneurs, foreign guests from national Akhalteke horse associations and clubs, specialized building companies, producers of equipment and a wide range of horse-related products, riding schools, sports organizations, veterinary clinics, advertising agencies, art galleries and photographic studios, showcase their achievements as well.

Among them are partner companies, actively contributing to the industry’s modernization in Turkmenistan Duralock (Great Britain), Tack & Track LLC (UAE), Bekpinar Horse Race Equipments (Turkey), etc.A large thematic section at the exhibition is veterinary.

Leading foreign companies, such as Equicenter Ez Ltd. (Russian Federation), Biotecsi Ltd. (Georgia), LLC Fortis-Pharma (Ukraine), Vehiculoscaballos (Spain), Sampaoli Andrea Creazioni (Italy), Beleka Ltd. (Republic of Belarus), Credence Remedies (India), Montajat Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Co.

Ltd. (Jordan), etc.exhibit specialist equipment, a wide spectrum of equine healthcare products, veterinary services, and pharmaceutical products.Our foreign counterparts 4 Hooves GmbH, Ugurcan Karoser, Grand Prix, and Shenzhen Portsar Electronics Co.

Ltd.present their products at the exhibition: horse equipment, equestrian outfits and accessories, mineral-rich horse feed, and video surveillance systems for stables.Display stands with veterinary laboratory equipment, medicines for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, a large range of horse feed and mineral supplements are a big draw for specialists.

Visitors to the exhibition noted the bright colors used in design and distinctive national flavor highlighted by beautiful Turkmen carpets, fine jewelry, arts and crafts, canvases by renowned Turkmen painters, reflecting Akhalteke horses’ special significance for the nation, and sculptures capturing their exquisite beauty and expressive grace.

The exhibition features stands of Turkmen Atlary State Association with the sector’s major areas in the spotlight, as well as stands presenting each of the country’s five velayats.

The National Institute of Sport and Tourism, the Ministry of Textile Industry and the State Publishing Service are among the exhibitors as well.In the afternoon, the 11th International Scientific Conference entitled The Turkmen Horse and World Horse Breeding’ began in the conference hall at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with over 160 distinguished domestic and foreign equine scientists, horse breeders, historians, ethnographers and other specialists from different countries in attendance.

Speakers at plenary meetings pointed out that not only is the Akhalteke horse a wonder of nature, it is also an outstanding result of the art of selective breeding of the Turkmen nation, who have preserved and maintained the purity of these unique horses for four thousand years, having developed their best traits loyalty, strength and stamina.

As highlighted, the forum provides a platform for sharing expertise in horse breeding and information on new research studies and major advances in the field.The International Trade Exhibition and the 11th International Scientific Conference will close on April 27.

The forum participants will also be taking part in other events to mark National Turkmen Horse Day.

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