Ashgabat university lecturers inform students of the amounts of bribes for exams through student representatives

Turkmenistan’s higher and secondary vocational educational establishments have established the amounts of bribes for the 2022 summer exams. According to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, bribes are coerced both from self-sponsoring who pay their own tuition fees and students whose tuition is paid by the state.

The administrations of universities and colleges inform almost openly students of the amounts of bribes, through student representatives who collect the money and compile lists of those who have paid. These students do not need about tests or exam results.

Depending on the subject, instructors charge 50 to 70 manats per exam and up to 200 manats for tests. The latter are more expensive because even if just one test is failed, students will not be allowed to sit exams.

Сhildren of wealthy parents or high-ranking officials are happy with the system because they were admitted into universities through bribes and are familiar with the system.

Students from provinces, low income families as well as winners of school Olympiads are dissatisfied with this system. However, they are also forced to pay bribes in order to avoid lowering of grades and threats to deprive them of their stipends.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” previously reported that students from low-income families are paid to write course and research papers for the students from wealthy families.

They also survive by cleaning, doing laundry and offering other household services.The post Ashgabat university lecturers inform students of the amounts of bribes for exams through student representatives first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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