Aspects of intensification of the partnership with China Petroleum University are discussed in Peking

China Petroleum University held the meeting of Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the PRC Parahat Durdiyev with professors and lecturers of educational institute.Academic, Vice Chancellor of China Petroleum University, Professor Lee Gangsheng, Head of International Department, Professor Lee Jun-fan, Deputy Dean for work with foreign students Lu Xiaojin, Deputy Head of International Department Lu Shang, Coordinator of International Department Lee Lingyung took part in the meeting from Chinese side.

During the meeting, Vice Chancellor Lee Gangsheng introduced the aspects of scientific and educational activity of the university to the representatives of diplomatic mission of our country.representatives of China Petroleum University spoke in details about the programmes of bachelor, master, doctor degrees including such directions as computer technologies, chemical engineering, electronics and other.

Subjects of training of Turkmen students have also been discussed.At present time, 166 young citizens of our country study in the university; 57 of them receive student grants financed by Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), 20 students receive the government scholarships and 20 students receive university scholarships.

Graduates of this university works in different branches of fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan.From his side, the Head of our diplomatic mission spoke about the achievements and future development of oil and gas industry, which is strategic sector of national economy in the context f innovative development and investment projects.

Presentation of the first Caspian Economic Forum was made and theme video was demonstrated.Taking the opportunity, Ambassador P.Durdiyev invited the heads of the university and representatives of companies partners of the CPU to take an active part in this forum.

During the visit to the China Petroleum University, personnel of the Embassy meet with Turkmen students who study in the university.

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