Aýbölek factory produces upholstered furniture for home and office in Turkmenistan

Aýbölek factory produces upholstered furniture for home and office in Turkmenistan

For those who wishes something more than a standard and unremarkable couch, the team of designers and specialists of Aýbölek factory are ready to manufacture upholstered furniture according to an individual sketch, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

“Modern equipment and cooperation with leading suppliers of high-quality furniture fittings, wood and upholstery fabrics allows our company to produce various upholstered furniture items.

For example, corner, straight, curved or round sofas, couches, ottomans, ottomans, as well as armchairs designed specifically for the dimensions of the customer,” said the representative of Aýbölek.

Besides, to the sitting room in the apartment, the set of upholstered furniture will create a cozy environment in the office. An extraordinary sofa model can emphasize the creative look (approach, image, status) of the company or create comfortable conditions in the recreation area for employees and expectations for guests.

Moreover, in case of need, it is possible to add features to the construction, for example, a storage system or order folding up armchairs, coaches, sofas for an additional sleeping place.

The advantage of ordering at Aýbölek it is an opportunity not to limit your imagination. Competent employees of the company will be glad to unusual and original projects.

Aýbölek invites Turkmen citizens to get acquainted with the ready-made range of furniture or place an order for a unique design by visiting the company store at Andaliba Street, 80, Ashgabat.

Phone numbers: (+993 12) 47 01 03, (+993 12) 47 01 04.

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