“Belavia” changes the allowance for hand luggage

“Belavia” changes the allowance for hand luggage

The Belarusian airline “Belavia” from May 15, 2023 will change the rules for carrying hand luggage.

According to the official website of the air carrier, from this date it will not be possible to take bags (travel cover for suits - editorial note) and goods from Duty Free additionally into the cabin of the aircraft, they will either need to be checked in or packed in hand luggage.

An exception will be made for passengers without hand luggage - they will be able to take suitcases into the cabin.

Also, hand luggage at check-in or before boarding will be marked with tags of different colors.Passengers will receive them at check-in or at the boarding gate.

Depending on the color, the bags will have their own place on the plane: blue tags - suitcases and large bags that will need to be placed on the upper shelves, green tags - backpacks and handbags that will need to be placed under the seat in front of the seat.

The changes are related to international requirements for ensuring safety on board. They are also introduced for the comfort of the passengers themselves: marking hand luggage will permit you to optimally distribute things in the cabin and not overload the luggage racks, the airline said.

As before, flight attendants will monitor the correct placement of hand luggage on board. If there are free places in the luggage racks on the plane, the flight attendant may offer to place hand luggage there marked green. It is strictly forbidden to place hand luggage in the aisles or in front of/near emergency exits.

At present time, “Belavia” Airlines operates flights to Turkmenbashi Airport (Turkmenistan) from Minsk (Belarus) once a week on Tuesdays.

From Minsk, flight B2745 to Turkmenbashi departs at 22:45 on Tuesdays with an arrival at 04:55 local time on Wednesday. The return flight B2746 is scheduled from Turkmenbashi at 5:55 local time on Wednesday, arriving on the same day in Minsk at 8:15.

Flights are carried out on Brazilian Embraer E195 aircraft. The aircraft is designed to carry 125 people (9 seats in business class and 116 seats in economy class). The flight lasts just over four hours.

Online tickets for “Belavia” flights can be purchased on the website www.belavia.by, through applications for iOS and Android.

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