Choganly Neighborhood Expands with 136 Newly Constructed Two-Story Homes

Choganly Neighborhood Expands with 136 Newly Constructed Two-Story Homes

On the day of Ashgabat City Day celebration, the capital of Turkmenistan, 136 two-story residential buildings were put into operation in the residential area of Choganly, Bagtyyarlyk etrap.

As reported by the official Turkmenistan media, the country's residents are provided with amenities and conveniences that meet international standards.

According to the report, following the decision of the President of Turkmenistan, responsible authorities are constructing not only comfortable high-rise buildings but also low-rise houses, including cottage-type dwellings, featuring improved layouts and equipped with a full range of amenities, in line with the modernization of the existing housing stock.

Moreover, there are plans to construct four nine-story residential buildings with 36 apartments each, four nine-story residential buildings with 54 apartments each, and two nine-story residential buildings with 72 apartments each in the Parahat 7 residential complex.

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