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On the day of wide celebration of Oraza bayramy, Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov together with his grandchildren visited the Ashgabat shopping-entertainment and business centre, which is especially crowded today.

The centre, which embodies the best traditions of world and national architecture, was opened on the eve of the important date, the 30th anniversary of independence of our Fatherland, having become a visual evidence of a steady development of living standards of people and the economic potential of our country, including the one in the sphere of trade and services.

The sacred month of Ramadan was over with celebration of the Oraza bayramy and this day in the country by tradition, was declared a festive day. Therefore, together with his grandchildren Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the centre and familiarized here himself with modern conditions for shopping, family recreation and organization of solemn events.

In the recent years, the white marble-coated capital has changed beyond recognition.It speaks of the fact that all-round development of the country, ensuring of all opportunities for recreation of citizens and guests of the main city of our Fatherland have become an important area of state policy.

Today, Ashgabat has been recognized as one of the most modern, harmonically developing, beautiful and comfortable cities of the world to live.

And it is an example of successful realization of the socially-oriented policy of the state under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov aimed at creation of best standards of living, labour, and recreation for Turkmen nationals, practice of sports, creativity, education, use of services of shopping, entertainment and health services.

The centre, which includes itself accomplished territories, roads and walkways, an elevated bridge, fountains, children playgrounds, an artificial canal and green zones on its banks emerged on Teheran street, harmonically fitting into the surrounding landscape and becoming another architectural decoration of the capital.

As for peculiarities of decoration of shops, then it gives a priority to national patterns with their original modern design.

Arkadag visited stores and purchased gifts for his grandchildren.It is important to note that here all conditions are created for customers and work of salespeople.Payment can be made both by cash and non-cash modes through bank plastic cards.

Shops offer a wide range of goods of daily use and gift items.It is especially important, as it enables to satisfy the growing demand of population.

The complex is provided with equipment from world famous companies and it testifies to its high technological level.

One can enjoy the light emitting diode musical fountains illuminated in a unique style on the second floor of the centre, which add to it a special charm.As an innovative area of modern design, all this makes a favourable impact on man, raises the mood and confirms that innovative technologies are widely used in the large-scale projects implemented in the country.

Here is also a large zone for recreation where everybody can find entertainment to his liking.It includes game playing machines for children and adults.The variety of attractions amazes everyone.

With great satisfaction, children use simulators and try their chances with game playing machines.This section includes many interesting and amazing new things in game playing industry and it attracts the attention of not only children but also adult visitors of the shopping and entertainment complex.

Grandchildren of Hero Arkadag with great satisfaction played in various game playing halls. As modern science and life practice shows, gaming equipment helps to develop natural skills of child and expands his world outlook. All this testifies to the especial care of the state of the health, harmonic development, education, and useful leisure of the growing generation.

The centre also houses a cinema where one can watch his favourite films and besides it, there are areas for bowling and billiard. As a whole, here are all necessary things for children to spend their free time useful.

The floors are connected with panoramic and usual lifts in addition to flights of stairs and moving staircases.

All this peaks of the fact that our country provides all conditions for development of children and their happy childhood. Special attention is attached to these issues at the state level.

In the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State the most favourable social living standards created for Turkmen nationals where the quality and comfort are given a top priority, the care of the growing generation has become priority areas of the policy pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Then, Hero Arkadag together with his grandchildren visited the teahouse where one can test most varied dishes of national cuisine, at that, cooked by a special method. In addition, if one likes sweets, then they are served along with tea and even one can take them with himself.

In conversation with his grandchildren, Arkadag got interested in their study, subjects that they learn at school. Children enjoying various sweets, told their grandfather of their passion and what they especially like in school. Leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov remained satisfied with answers of his grandchildren and felt happy for their interest and likings.

In the modern epoch, age-old traditions of hospitality of our people have been supplemented with new things.The sphere of services and shopping has been enriched with innovations.

Creation of opportunities in Ashgabat shopping, entertainment and business centre for Turkmen nationals and guests of the capital for combination of convenient conditions for leisure and work, business meetings and shopping attests to the success of the basic principle of the policy pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov State for people!.

Having expressed his gratitude for the high-level service, Hero Arkadag left the place with his grandchildren.

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