Cruise ship with a dead whale on its bow docks in New York

Cruise ship with a dead whale on its bow docks in New York

The cruise ship Meraviglia entered New York Harbor with a 13-meter whale carcass on its bow. This is reported by with reference to The Guardian.

The cause of the whale's death has not yet been established. It is known to belong to an endangered species of sei whale, said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) spokeswoman Andrea Gomez.

The incident raises concerns among environmentalists, who see it as possible evidence of the negative impact of large vessels on the marine environment.

The Meraviglia, owned by Geneva-based MSC Cruises, arrived in New York as part of a New England and Canada cruise.

MSC Cruises said its captains strictly follow protocols designed to prevent collisions with whales and other marine animals. “We deeply regret the death of the marine life,” the company emphasized.

Specialists are currently studying the whale carcass. An autopsy will determine whether he died as a result of a collision with a ship or whether his death was due to other causes.

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