Dangerous bacteria can live in fitness bracelets and smart watches

Dangerous bacteria can live in fitness bracelets and smart watches

Few people know that smart watches and fitness bracelets that have become part of a person’s daily life contain dangerous bacteria. However, this fact is confirmed by researchers from the College of Science at the Atlantic University in Florida, who tested products for the presence of potentially pathogenic species of staphylococci, enterobacteria, in particular Escherichia coli, and pseudomonads.

The conclusion of scientists is that these bacteria are found in 95% of the straps of smart watches and fitness bracelets, reports “MIR 24” with reference to the publication of the journal Advances in Infectious Diseases.

The source also notes that most of the bacteria lives on rubber and plastic products. This is due to the ability of porous and static surfaces to attract microorganisms. At the same time, there is good news for lovers of metal products, especially silver and gold.

They turned out to be the most hygienic, there were almost no dangerous contaminants on them.

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