Dashoguz Kyokushin masters are the best in National tournament

Turkmenistan Kyokushin Karate Championship in Ashgabat confirmed the supremacy of the masters from Dashoguz Velayat in this martial art. During men, women and juniors competitions, they won most of the medals.

More than 140 sportsmen representing the teams of the nortnern region, Ahal, Mary, Lebap velayats and Ashgabat took part in the tournament organized by the State Committee for Sports and National Kyokushin Karate Centre. The participants contested for the prizes not only in kumite (fights) but also in several kata disciplines (the complex of patterned movements).

The most spectacular fights were held in men and women groups where the medals have been contested in five weight categories, three of which were won by the sportsmen of Dashoguz Joshtun Tachmedov, Nulifar Rahimova and Zinatay Rozmetova. Other two medals were won by the capital (Resul Mergenov) and Lebap (Oraz Abduvalitov) teams respectively.

The junior group was split into eleven weight categories.The representative of the northern region demonstrated almost 100 percent result there, having won 10 gold medals Myulkaman Movitov, Begench Nonikov, Tursunbay Gutlymyradov, Umytjan Kurambayev, Vepa Kurbanov, Maksat Annagylyjov, Gilchemen Babayeva, Artykgul Amangeldiyeva as well as sisters Irada and Azada Rozmetova.

One of the medals was won by the sportsmen from Mary Guvanch Atayev.

Performance of the mixed groups of sportsmen where men and women compete on the same terms in kata raised the most interest.According to the decision of the jury, the women were left behind the line of gold medals.

Employee of National Migration Service from Vepa Kurbanov from Dashoguz won the competitions of the forth difficulty category and Muratbek Ataniyazov was out of the competitions in the second category.

One gold medal went to Mary won by Hormat Amangylyjov ( the third category).

The Championship set the distribution of the powers before the final competitions of this year Turkmenistan Cup, which is to be held in Ashgabat in December.

However, the main sport events is expected in April of the next year.Tokyo, the capital of Japan, will host traditional World Training Camp that brings together up to 1500 supporters of Kyokushin Karate from more than 100 countries.

Together with training seminars for the sportsmen referees and coaches, the planet tournament among the veterans from 35 years and older is held.The famous practitioners taking exams for the improvement of Dans.

This process expects for Chairman of National Kyokushin Karate Centre A.Hudayberdiyev as well as some other leading Turkmen sportsmen.

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