Eternal bicycle tires will withstand 12 thousand kilometers

Eternal bicycle tires will withstand 12 thousand kilometers

A bicycle equipped with wheels that do not require air inflation was presented in the United States. The authors of the development of the “eternal bicycle” equipped the tires with springs made of nickel-titanium alloy, reports “MIR 24”.

According to the developers, the spring inserted into the tire maintains its shape and prevents damage.The resource of a titanium wheel is enough for 12 thousand kilometers.

When colliding with an external obstacle, the tire may become deformed, but then returns to its original state.Such a wheel will not go flat even in the event of a serious accident, and it will only need repairs when the rubber is completely worn off.

Bicycle owners will no longer have to pump up tires, check pressure, or replace punctured tubes.

This technology was first used by NASA to create Mars rovers. Now it can be used in everyday life. They plan to start selling bicycles with innovative wheels next year. They will cost about 1300 USD, the source notes.

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