Final chords of March amidst of contrast spring

Final chords of March amidst of contrast spring

According to last climatic observations, from 2014, the past winter has appeared the coldest. Huge temperature contrasts were fixed in different points of the planet. Sometimes it was hot and sometimes it was cold in Central Asia.

In Turkmenistan in the middle of February air temperature reached +28 degrees, and in March all of sudden it snowed and it led to a sharp cold, thermometer stem dropped to-6 Celsius degrees.

More 50 years ago on March 24, 1969, in Ashkhabad the grandiose snowfall was also fixed. Then the snow cover thickness reached 28 centimetres, and tractors participated in clearing of the road.

Spring which set by the astronomical solar calendar, has brought to the central part of Turkmenistan warm, but at the same time cloudy weather. At the temperature +26 + 20 degrees, all next week in Ashkhabad rains and high humidity are expected. Changeable overcast will be established in all regions of the country.

Intermittent rain at temperature will appear suddenly in the city of Turkmenbashi. By forecasts of meteorologists on March 25 in Dashoguz it will get as warm as +23, but further the thermometer stem will fluctuate from +2 at night to +15 during daytime.

It will rain in Mary region where it will be as warmer as +34 degrees. It will keep warm and chilly in the city of Turkmenabat, however already during week-end downpours with thunder-storms here are expected.

In Ashkhabad city parks one can already see blooming dandelions and the smelling sweet flower palette has begun its procession worldwide.

The edition of China Daily, brings to attention of readers the surprising compositions created by students of the Institute of Art and Design.

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