First Coal Cargo Train From Kazakhstan Enters Iran Via Turkmenistan

First Coal Cargo Train From Kazakhstan Enters Iran Via Turkmenistan

The first freight train from Kazakhstan, carrying coal, entered Iran’s Incheburun railway border crossing in transit through Turkmenistan along the North-South international transport corridor on Sunday, IRNA news agency reports with reference to Golestan Province’s Governor-General Hadi Haqshenas.

Governor-General expressed hope that the arrival of the train in Iran would be the start of an increase in regional trade, stating that the railroad could largely reduce transit costs.

The Incheburun railway, which is part of the North-South corridor and located at Incheburun dry port and free trade zone, has the privilege to connect the EAEU countries to Iran, according to the Governor-General.

During an online meeting of the Regional Planning Council of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) on July 30, Turkmenistan proposed to sign a Memorandum on the commercialization of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran (KTI) railway corridor.

The memorandum is expected to help to increase the economic potential of the railway corridor capable of transporting up to 12 million tons of cargo annually.

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