Grain harvesting campaign begins in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s farmers have kicked off a grain harvesting campaign.According to the old tradition, the elders gave a symbolic start to harvesting by cutting the first ears of wheat.

Then, the combine harvesters got down to work.This year, Turkmenistan’s grain growers are expected to harvest 1,400 million tons of grain from 690 thousand hectares of land.

In total, over 2 thousand combine harvesters will be involved in the harvest-2021. About 11 thousand trucks allocated by various ministries and sectoral departments will ensure the delivery of wheat to 156 granaries, warehouses and elevators. The local branches of the State Commercial Bank “Dayhanbank” (Peasant Bank) will ensure timely payment to grain growers for the harvested crop.

The harvest campaign was preceded by business seminars in the regions of the country, discussing a range of issues related to ensuring the smooth conduct of harvesting.

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