Hermitage Home Interiors invites Turkmen citizens to immerse themselves in the sophistication of Italian design

Hermitage Home Interiors invites Turkmen citizens to immerse themselves in the sophistication of Italian design

Innovators in the field of interior design - the Turkmen company Hermitage Home Interiors, together with a team of Italian designers and architects, offers services in the creation of premium projects.

Hermitage Home Interiors has been working exclusively with global manufacturers in the luxury segment since 2014. The company's catalog contains more than 60 European brands of furniture factories, sanitary ware, lighting design elements, wallpaper capsule collections and much more.

In one of the latest projects - kitchen design, the Hermitage Home Interiors team used products from famous European manufacturers.

Kitchen furniture was created using a unique author's technology from the famous Italian factory Aster Cucine, in combination with the Turri furniture brand. The project used an island-patented hood from Aster Cucine, a table and chairs in real leather finishes and premium smart home appliances from the German manufacturer Küppersbusch.

The walls are decorated with London Art wallpaper, and the parquet floor with marble inserts is by Foglie D'Oro. The lighting solution involved decorative models of Patrizia Garganti lamps and a collection from FLOS for architectural lighting of the room.

Well-coordinated actions of designers and decorators from Turkmenistan and Italy will satisfy even the most demanding customer. The Hermitage Home Interiors team will calculate the interior in detail, taking into account all the subtleties of the layout and the wishes of the client. For each interior visualization, a specification with technical details about the products is provided.

It is available to get acquainted with the portfolio of Hermitage Home Interiors and the full list of brands of manufacturers on the official website hermitage.tm.

Also on the page in the social network, you can follow the news and discounts. Phone for a free consultation: +99365 56 48 44.

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