ImdatBot invites Ashgabat schoolchildren to robotics and programming courses

ImdatBot invites Ashgabat schoolchildren to robotics and programming courses

Educational Center for Children's Robotics ImdatBot announces registration for courses in the basics of programming and robotics for children aged 8 to 12 years.

The Codey Rocky I (ages 8-9) courses will introduce young learners to Scratch programming and how to program the Codey Rocky robot to perform simple tasks. The knowledge gained will permit the child to develop algorithmic thinking, an understanding of the principles of automation and will help to try their hand at developing their own game.

Children 10-12 years old are invited to the mBot I course.Here they get acquainted with programming in the Scratch language in order to assemble and program the mBot robot.

After completing this course, students will gain an understanding of the structure of the robot, the principles of its assembly, learn how to create programs that include sequences, events, cycles and conditions, as well as compare several algorithms for the same task and determine the most suitable one for a particular task.

Classes in ImdatBot are taught by experienced teachers, all classes are equipped with all necessary equipment. Each student is provided with a personal computer, a robot and all the necessary tools.

Classes start on November 28. Lessons are held in the morning and in the afternoon, which permits you to choose the most convenient time for classes. The lesson lasts 1,5 hours, 3 times a week. After successfully passing the exam, a state certificate is awarded.

The cost of one course is 2000 manats. To get a discount of 200 manats for education, Turkmenportal readers only need to say “Turkmenportal 200” while recording.

Address: Ashgabat, Atamurat Niyazov (Chekhov) avenue, 147, Merdana building. Phones: (+993 12) 41 42 52, (+993 62) 90 00 69.

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