In Lebap flour at state prices is sold in a set with detergent

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that last week state-run shops in Seydi, Karabekaul and Sayat, Lebap velayat sold flour at fixed prices, with a limit of 5 kilos per customer.

With a purchase of over 15 kilos of flour a pack of Aý nur per household hand-washed detergent for the price of 10 manats needed to be bought in a set.

Instead of detergent some stores sold Ukrainian condensed milk or expired Turkmen tomato paste in a package deal.

Shop assistants informed unhappy customers that they were selling merchandise as requested by the Consumer Association and recommended to submit complaints to the police or local authorities.

In early May “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that residents of some villages in Lebap velayat residents of some villages in Lebap velayat were permitted not to buy groceries sold in a set with a monthly ration pack.

For this a written application needs to be submitted to the head of the local gengesh (formerly, the local government), which will be subsequently forwarded to the khyakimlik’s office and the consumer association of the corresponding etrap.

The procedure might take two to three months before the family, which sent the application, will be able to purchase groceries sold at fixed state prices without the requirement to buy unnecessary goods.

The report of Turkmenistan’s Ombudsperson for 2021 mentioned that unnecessary groceries need to be purchased together with food in short supply.The post In Lebap flour at state prices is sold in a set with detergent first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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