In Memory of Irina Musorina: Music Teacher - Her Mission in Life

It is now the time when plenty of young specialists are completing their studies and are about to enter their chosen professions.Teachers receive an outpouring of warm words and appreciation.

By tradition, graduates of different years visit their alma mater to thank their teachers once again and tell them about their achievements.Graduates of the Turkmen National Music Conservatory and Special Boarding School at the Conservatory are no exception.

They fondly remember those who led them into the realm of world music.Irina Nikolaevna Musorina is one of these outstanding teachers, who nurtured scores of musicians.Not only do they now give concerts with much success in our country, but also perform at the world’s best concert venues.

Our editorial team has received a letter from her granddaughter Kseniya Eduardovna Askerova, and we have learned interesting facts about the life of the talented and charismatic teacher, a shining example of great dedication to her students and much-loved profession.

Irina Nikolaevna Musorina was born in the city of Voronezh in 1937.In 1941, together with her parents she found herself in the territory occupied by fascist Germany.

These four lean and tragic years of war were etched in her memory...Ira’s choice of profession was predetermined.Born into a family of musicians, her mother was a pianist and her father a singer, the child showed great promise as a musical talent.

The girl was determined to become a violinist.After completing her studies at music school and later graduating from Voronezh Music College, Irina went to conquer the capital.

She entered the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, and lived and worked in the city of Kaliningrad (present-day Korolyov) in Moscow Region after graduation.In 1977 Irina with her 11-year-old daughter, Nina, relocated to Turkmenistan.

She lived a totally different life here.Teaching students at the Institute of Arts was her major occupation.Frequent business travel, trips abroad, meetings with renowned musicians and cultural figures...

In a word, it was a wonderful and eventful life.The teacher never refused when her students requested extra practice. “What you do should bring joy not only to you but to those around you.

You should love music and keep your professional and personal development continuous!You should love life!” she used to say.Irina Nikolaevna, the head of the Department of String Instruments, could not help worrying about each and every student at recitals, competitions and exam time.

She was much loved and highly respected.She was admired by her students, who did their best to learn as much as possible from her.During her teaching career, Associate Professor Musorina prepared more than 50 students, who now perform at the world’s top music venues.

Irina Nikolaevna’s teaching career spanned almost four decades.In the early 2000s, for family reasons, she had to leave Ashgabat, her adopted home that was very dear to her heart, where she had lived for nearly twenty-five years.

Having returned to the city of Korolyov, where everything had started, Irina Nikolaevna, estranged from her much-loved music teaching profession and students, tried her best not to lose heart, helping her loved ones and taking care of her grandchildren.

Irina Musorina died from a hereditary heart condition in 2005...Collecting material for the article, we asked one of Irina Nikolaevna’s former students, Maral Byashimovna Cherkesova, a teacher at the Turkmen National Music Conservatory, to share her memories: - I was lucky enough to have been taught by the brilliant musician Irina Nikolaevna Musorina at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture.

She was, without exaggeration, born to be a teacher.Working at the same time at the then Republican Music School (now Special Boarding School at the Music Conservatory), Irina Nikolaevna taught almost all of those who are teaching string instruments today.

Her colleagues attended her demonstration lessons to learn her individual teaching techniques and to receive valuable specialist advice.From the very first lessons, Irina Nikolaevna began teaching me how to properly position my hands.

But I felt like playing and learning new pieces of music, and could not understand why we were spending so much on something that seemed so unimportant.However, after a little while, I saw tangible results of her efforts my playing style became more dynamic and expressive.

Irina Nikolaevna is dear to me not only as a teacher and competent authority on music, who gave me the opportunity to become a professional, but also as an amazing person, who is an inspiring example.

Her daughter Nina was my classmate and I was always hospitably received at the Musorins’ place.This was a happy and unforgettable time.I am a teacher myself now.

I would like to be like Irina Nikolaevna both as a person and professional. ...It has been more than fourteen years since Irina Musorina passed away.But her memory lives on and so does her work to which this outstanding teacher dedicated her life.

She shared her talent with her students, unlocking their creative potential, inspiring them to grow professionally, and teaching them to love art and express their true inner self.

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