In Turkmenistan 1442 historical and cultural monuments are registered by state

In Turkmenistan 1442 historical and cultural monuments are registered by state

Today, all progressive mankind celebrates the International Day for the Protection of Monuments and Historical Sites.

At present time in Turkmenistan 1442 historical and cultural monuments are registered by state. Approximately 80% of the total amount of monuments are archaeological monuments, about 20% are architectural and individual historical monuments.

As Jamal Orazmuradova, head of the Department of the National Administration of the Country for the Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments, told the publication “Turkmenistan: The Golden Age”, the issue on preservation the material historical and cultural heritage is one of the most important areas of state policy.

On the territory of Turkmenistan there are such ancient monuments of the world's first farmers as Gonur-depe, Kara-depe, Namazga-depe, Altyn-depe, Jeytun and Anau.Rock carvings of Bezegli-dere, architectural complexes and individual buildings of the distant past in Abiverd, Serakhs, on the banks of the Amudarya are known all over the world.

AS it is known, on the 8th of April, the President of Turkmenistan approved the State Program for 2022-2028 for the careful preservation of objects of National historical and cultural heritage, their protection and study, attraction of tourists to them, as well as an action plan for its implementation.

Within the framework of the adopted program, it is planned to continue work on the registration and certification of objects of national historical and cultural heritage, their inclusion in the State Register.

A short informational issue of the State Register of Objects of National Historical and Cultural Heritage is being prepared for publication, which will reflect the full list of objects of historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan.

The monuments included in the list will be divided according to the administrative-territorial location by velayats and etraps of Turkmenistan and listed in alphabetical order.

Preparation of this document is the first step necessary for creation of a multi-volume .In accordance with the Presidential Program, the first volume of the publication will be published by 2028.

Several international archeological complex expeditions work in the country. The last results of their research are published in a scientific collection published this year, the source notes.

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