London will host the largest flower-show for the 110th time

London will host the largest flower-show for the 110th time

The annual show of the Royal Horticulture Society in Chelsea because of the pandemic of the past year for the first time was held in a virtual mode. Organizers transferred it into the Internet and made an emphasis on distribution of secrets of gardening.

The flower-show in Chelsea is one of the largest in Europe. Every year nurseries and tree nurseries from every corner of the globe represent here for consideration of spectators and experts the competitive gardens.

The show constantly develops and evolves. In the competition annually there are new categories for example, backyard or “city”. Both professionals and fans can take part in the action.

In 2021 each day of the exhibition will have certain subjects, for example, cultivation of plants in small spaces and in house conditions.

Experts in the forum will answer questions of gardeners-fans and will show examples how correctly to plant those or other flowers in pots and greenhouses.

The veterans of the British army living in the Royal hospital in Chelsea will traditionally take part in the exhibition program.

The Pearlfisher Garden, walls of which were made 1000 processed plastic bottles that reflects the volume of the plastic getting into the World Ocean every five seconds, became last winner of the exhibition.

In the garden photo session of the world champion in free diving Tanya Streeter took place also, after all from 2013 stars of sports, show business and literature can take part in expositions.

So, the collection of garden gnomes belonging to Elton John on which the singer signed with his own hand was sold upon termination of the exhibition for the charitable purposes.

Katherine Potsides, head of shows development at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) told that the action main objective which patron is Queen Elizabeth II, this spreads knowledge about gardening.

As Katherine noted that all royal family very much likes to visit the exhibition in which frameworks in 2019 the garden Back to nature used especial success designed by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. During the show she visited not only usual visitors, but also the spouse and children of the Duchess.

As Potsides also shared some interesting facts connected with the exhibition, celebrating during the current year its 110th anniversary.

For example, all exhibits of the first show were held in one tent, and now the big pavilion occupies about 11 775 sq. m. In its territory 500 London buses can freely go in.

In 2019 in the show more than five hundreds participants designers, floral artists, businessmen and the companies took part. Then the group of landscape designers of Kazakhstan for the first time took part in the exhibition as well.

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