Mary Deri-Aýakgap Launches New Shoes Targeting Schoolchildren

Mary Deri-Aýakgap Launches New Shoes Targeting Schoolchildren

Mary Deri-Aýakgap Open Joint-Stock Company has launched the production of footwear for junior and senior schoolchildren in a new sewing workshop in Turkmenistan’s Mary province, the local Maru-Şahu Jahan newspaper reported on Thursday.

The company has already delivered 24 thousand pairs of high-quality leather school shoes to the retail outlets in Turkmenistan. The products are in high demand due to their lightness, design and affordability, and also differ from leatherette shoes in durability and comfort in everyday wear.

In addition to school shoes, it produces shoes for office workers and military personnel, as well as high-top boots for equestrians and jockeys.

Mary Deri-Aýakgap OJSC was established in 2020 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on the basis of the former Mary tannery.

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