Medvedev sells motorcade vehicles to Berdymukhammedov at “the right price”

Turkmenistan intends to buy the entire range of Russia-made VIP class Aurus cars. One of the first models was shown on 12 August at the First Caspian Economic Forum held in the city of Turkmenbashi.

TASS reports that President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov accompanied by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who arrived at the event, inspected a white Aurus Senat, which was specially manufactured in July to be demonstrated at the First Caspian Economic Forum.

After discussing the advantages of the vehicle, Berdymukhammedov said that Ashgabat intends to purchase the entire range of VIP class Aurus vehicles. “The request has been accepted”, Medvedev responded.

The news outlet reports that when approaching the vehicle, Medvedev explained that the represented car is a “basic model”, whereas “a custom-made” model was designed for the heads of state.

Then the President of Turkmenistan got behind the vehicle and inspected the passenger compartment paying attention to a large number of digital technology devices.After getting out of the car, he again highlighted the сompetitive features of the Russian vehicle, including a comfortable passenger compartment, the exquisite exterior and “the right price”.

Showing interest in the vehicle, Berdymukhammedov paid attention to the colour and a big size of a radiator which may be used in hot climate. “We are well aware that the colour should be white”, Medvedev replied with a smile. “If we need to place a requisition, we will do so”, the Turkmen leader said, “Your words can serve as a requisition”, the Russian Prime Minister responded.

Starting from1 January 2018 the use of black vehicles was banned in Turkmenistan.

Following this the road police started detaining vehicles of all colours except white while the country’s residents urgently had sold or repainted dark vehicles.

According to the website of allcarz, Aurus Senat S600 costs 10 million Rubles or the equivalent of about $153 thousand whereas the price for Aurus Senat L700 might reach 18 million Rubles or about $275 thousand.

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