Modernized schools and kindergartens in Kaahka Etrap

The solemn ceremony brought together the heads of velayat and etrap Khyakimliks, the departmental structures of the system of education, Mejlis deputies, the elders, specialists of the sphere of education, the representatives of public organisations and mass media as well as local citizens.

Those speaking during the ceremony expressed gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for his concern about the people, and the younger generation of Turkmen citizens. It was underlined that today’s festivities stand as another evidence of the systematic implementation of the social policy of Turkmenistan.

The economic, social and cultural development of Turkmenistan allows successfully implementing the ambitious reformatory programmes.New etraps, cities and villages with apartment houses with improved conditions are erected and the large industrial enterprises and social facilities, the modern transport and communication infrastructure are created in the regions that testifies to the dynamic growth of the national economy and the prosperity of the state.

On the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the complex programme is implemented in Turkmenistan today with the aim to further develop the national educational system.Kindergartens, secondary schools and higher educational establishments are built in all velayats of the country, highly skilled specialists are trained, profile institutions are supplied with advanced technologies and equipment.

Particular attention is paid to teaching foreign languages to the youth.

All necessary conditions for the harmonious development of the younger generation are created in the restored preschool and educational institutions.

Domestic private construction companies and economic associations renovated all newly opened facilities. In the modernized kindergartens and schools, the heating and power supply systems, the roofing of buildings, windows and flooring are completely renewed, and the adjacent territory is improved.

National parliamentarians significantly contribute to the promotion of the fundamental reforms initiated by the President of Turkmenistan. Mejlis deputy Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who represents the interests of residents of electoral district No. 25 in Ahal velayat, pays paramount attention to the social issues, including improvement of the educational system.

In the past few months, in the framework of the scheduled programme reforms initiated by the people's representative, a specialized medical disease prevention complex, the Health Centre, the perinatal center, the 15-km Hyvaabat-Kaakhka water pipeline have been built in the region and the construction of two modern textile complexes has been launched in the Kaakhka and Babadaihan etraps.

The works carried out in the region are aimed at ensuring the balanced development of rural areas, activating the human factor and economic growth, improving the living conditions of citizens, including young families and professionals, and developing settlements.

The current event in the Kaakhka etrap is a clear evidence of the successful implementation of the National Programme of the President of Turkmenistan on the improvement of the social and living conditions in villages, settlements, cities in etraps and etrap centers till 2020.

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