New Bagabat Health Resort Seeks to Offer Year-Round Services

On January 1, 2021, senior officials of the Mejlis and deputies to the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers paid a visit to the Bagabat Health Resort, built in Ak Bugday Etrap, Akhal Velayat on the Turkmen leader’s initiative.

Bagabat is fully equipped with everything necessary to provide services all year round.It houses the following departments: diagnostic and treatment, balneotherapy, hydro and mud therapy, physiotherapy, and spa treatment.

The resort also offers sport facilities.Treatment rooms boast modern medical equipment and the latest technological innovations from world’s leading manufacturers.A herbal tea room offers a wide selection of herbal teas made to recipes from the Turkmen leader’s book “Çaý Melhem Hem Ylham”.

Speaking of our homeland’s enormous potential and prospects for becoming a country with health resorts well known on an international scale, the President of Turkmenistan notes that Turkmen land is blessed with plenty of unknown natural healing spots still waiting to be discovered and researched.

All these gems, the head of state says, should be put to work for the benefit of our people.As evidenced by the visit to the Bagabat Health Resort by the top officials of the Mejlis and the Cabinet Deputies Chairman, people are keen to spend their free time in natural environments and to take walks in green spaces.

As the nation’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlights, it is impossible to imagine living without enjoying the natural beauty of one’s home country and communing with nature.

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