New Cottage Complex to Appear in North of Ashgabat

New Cottage Complex to Appear in North of Ashgabat

As part of the 17th phase of development of Ashgabat, a new cottage complex with 268 two-storey houses will be built on the Altyn Köl Lake’s shore, located in the north of the capital.

The new complex will be located in the northeastern part of the lake between the coastline and the projected transport highway, the axis of which is an arc-shaped strip 424 meters wide, more than 4 thousand meters in diameter and over 7 kilometers long.

The center of the arc will include a park area with an amphitheater and parking lots, the official media of Turkmenistan reported on Saturday.

Developers of the master plan for the 17th stage of the capital development Türkmendöwlettaslama State Project Association when designing an area, divided the allotted territory of about 300 hectares into 30 sites, 10 of which will soon be built up with two-storey houses.

By order of various ministries and departments, 4 types of cottages (for two or more families) are expected to be built at each site. The architecture of low-rise buildings will differ in exterior and interior design.

Each site will consist of leisure infrastructure restaurants and cafeterias, outdoor pools and water parks, sports and playgrounds. The complex will also include public facilities an administrative building, a health clinic, a shopping center, a police station and a fire station.

An area for public events and a park area with fountains and places for recreation will be built in the central part of the complex.

Construction of the modern cottage complex and the entire recreation infrastructure is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

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