New Facilities Open in Regions Ahead of the Holiday

On December 5, the Amudarya Valley hosted the opening ceremony of a plant producing high-quality ceramic products, built in Khalach etrap by builders of local private firm.

Production shops of the new enterprise of Dovletli Dovran Economic Association, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, cover an area of 1.5 hectares. The facility has a total area of 28 hectares.

Thanks to its designed production capacity and high-technology equipment, the newly-built plant will be one of Central Asia’s largest facilities producing world-class ceramic products both for the domestic and foreign markets.

Notably, Lebap Velayat boasts unique mineral resources that can be used in the construction sector. In particular, the new complex in the eastern region has been built with an eye to local resources usage.

Geological laboratory investigations carried out in Ashgabat revealed that Sayat and Koytendag etraps have large deposits of high-quality clay, opoka, which can be used in the production of beautiful and highly durable ceramic materials clinker bricks, tiles, etc.

The enterprise with an annual projected capacity of 192,500 tons of products or 80,000,000 pieces is fully automated.

The entire production process is controlled by a modern computer-aided system. The facility has a laboratory to monitor the quality of products at every stage of production.

The plant is tooled with high-performance machinery and equipment from world’s leading manufacturers from Japan, Italy, and Spain.

The new enterprise, where 200-plus workers, multi-skilled workers, engineers, and technicians will be working in 3 shift patterns, has all necessary supply systems to operate autonomously, such as a boiler room, a transformer substation, pump and compressor stations, and other facilities. This will enable to ensure the smooth twenty-four-hour operation.

Along with premises, the plant’s 3-story administrative building also boasts shower rooms, recreation rooms, a canteen and a kitchen.

During the opening ceremony, valuable gifts were presented to best-performing builders from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

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New Facilities Open in Regions Ahead of the Holiday
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