New mosques to be built in all five Turkmen provinces

On 3 May President Serdar Berdymukahmmedov held a working session with the heads of the provinces, the state information agency TDH reports.

The heads of the five provinces proposed to build mosques and premises for sadaka (charity lunches) in their administrative centres. All proposals were accompanied by the wording that this was done “taking into account the requests of residents”.

Serdar Berdymukhammedov approved the proposals pointing out that “this is a noble initiative”.

Mosques will be built in:

in the city of Annau, the administrative centre of Akhal velayat;

in the city of Khazar, Balkan velayat;

in Rukhubelent etrap, Dashoguz velayat;

in Dovletli etrap, Lebap velayat;

in the city of Shatlyk, Oguzkhan etrap, Mary velayat.

In November 2020 President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov opened the main regional mosque in the city of Balkanabat, Balkan velayat.

At that time TDH reported that four major mosques had been opened in the country over the past few years, including the main mosques of Mary velayat (2009) and Dashoguz velayat (2015), a mosque in the Ashgabat residential district of Parakhat-7 (2018) and the main mosque of Lebap velayat (2020).The post New mosques to be built in all five Turkmen provinces first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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