New well with 2 billion cubic meters of gas per day output is commissioned at Galkynysh field

Specialists of the Department of Turkmen Engineering and Construction of the State Concern Turkmengaz commissioned production well No. 280 with the debit of 2 million cubic meters of natural gas per day at Galkynysh field.

For the first time in gas production, installation of technological equipment like valves, latches as well as control instruments and piping of wellbore were performed by own resources by the specialists of the State Concern Turkmengaz without involvement of foreign companies.

Electrical installation, high-accuracy welding and other works at the wellbore was performed by the specialist of the State Concern Turkmengaz using equipment, drawings and technology maps of Petrofac Company (UAE). At the moment, the teams of Turkmen Engineering and Construction are ready to commission other three high debit wells, which also would be connected to export gas system.

Having developed modern technologies of equipment installation and welding works on thick-walled pipes, local specialists replaced foreign colleagues who performed this work on contractual terms what allowed the economize considerable foreign currency amounts.

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