New-Year Circus Show: Spectacular Talent and Magic of Art

A basket full of sweet treats Piglet is very reluctant to share with smart Little Mouse is a new addition to the traditional story of the Old Year refusing to hand over the reins to the New Year.

This is how two clowns Pena Muratdyrdyev and Archa Meredov begin new-year shows at the Turkmen State Circus that pull in capacity audiences during the winter school holidays.

Then, Ayaz Baba (Father Frost), Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), jugglers, acrobats, clowns and aerialists all those performing in the show and even more two Alabay dogs and a monkey (which are now being trained for acts and are still getting used to perform in front of audiences) entered the circus ring to enthusiastic applause.

The performance continued with a beautiful circus act called Doves’.Two little girls Medina Bairamdurdyeva and Merjen Seitnazarova (who has just made her debut) in snow-white outfits standing out impressively against the blue velvet circus arena made well-trained white doves flying out from under the ceiling land obediently on rings.

What a wonderful visual spectacle!Fearless aerialist Lilianna Yusupova had everyone sit on the edge of their seats.The slim and graceful girl in a turquoise unitard artfully performed amazing acrobatic feats on an aerial hoop.

Lilianna also brilliantly does stunts on horseback.When asked a question: “What do you find more frightening: on horseback or high in the air?” the aerialist was taken by surprise.

Then I paraphrased the question: “What is more to your liking: aerial acrobatics or trick riding?” “It is definitely to perform on galloping Akhalteke horses”, she answered without a moment’s hesitation.

They are so incredible!” Equilibrist Arslan Kuraev presented a Rolla Bolla act.Balancing atop a board stacked on a cylinder while juggling hula hoops is superior artistry that can be probably mastered by circus artists only, who turn their skills into a true art form.

The show also featured clowns Rovshan Melyaev and Pena Muratdurdyev with a long-time favorite The Thimblerigger’.The spectators were heartily laughing when they saw either Pena’s head or his fist unexpectedly appear under the thimble.

Prankster Pena, being the short one, had heavy-set Rovshan easily fooled.A big surprise awaited fans of spectacular acrobatic tricks.A charming little boy performed together with professional acrobats.

He dazzlingly showed a jump-rope routine with four ropes that created intricate patterns in the air, and did not get his feet tangled up in them.The skillful young boy is Emin Orazlyev, a son of Parakhat Orazlyev, whose memory will always live on in the hearts of his loved ones, fellow circus artists, and many circus enthusiasts.

Emin has a natural flair not only for acrobatics, but also for other circus genres.Good luck to you, youngster!Serdar Bairamdurdyev offered an original act In a Café with a Horse’ showcasing his excellent acting.

With the horse sitting in an armchair like a conventional customer, the waiter took an order, served the food and the dandy-looking customer began eating it...Bold and skilled riders of the Galkynysh Equestrian Group led by Merited Cultural Worker of Turkmenistan Pygy Bairamdurdyev brought the circus show to a spectacular close.

The dashing horsemen and charming horsewomen performed daring stunts with their horses galloping at full speed.With their hearts skipping a beat both adults and children alike watched the five riders form a pyramid balancing themselves on the backs of two beautiful Akhalteke horses.

The stunt was done flawlessly!Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk made an appearance on the ring again to offer the audience their holiday well-wishes.They were joined by all the performers of the breathtaking show.

Solemn music played by the Orchestra under Rovshan Nepesov accentuated the climactic moment. “Bir, Iki, Üç! (One, Two, Three!)”, Ayaz Baba said loudly and the New Year’s Tree lit up much to the delight of youngsters.

This brougth a round of applause from the audience.Neither grownups nor children felt like leaving the circus where magical transformations and miracles happened before their very eyes...

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