Number of capital and regional universities accomplish entrance examinations 2017

Entrance examinations defined the names of the first year students of the Institute of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, S. Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute (Turkmenabat), Agricultural institute in Dashoguz and three artistic educational institutes of our country, which were the first to finish entrance campaign.

Six candidates contested for one place in pedagogical institute. In other above-mentioned universities, the competition was from two to four candidate for one place.

Secondary specialized schools graduates, participants and winners of national and international competitions are among the first year students of artistic educational institutions namely the State Institute of Culture, National Conservatory and the Academy of Arts.

Entrance campaign in the conservatory was distinguished by increased number of the entrant for all specialization of professional training like instrumental performance, vocal, orchestra direction, composition and musical study. Popular stage singing, national musical instruments, Turkmen music and bakshy’s art are the most popular ones among fifteen artistic specialities.

Graduates of Danatar Ovezov Specialized Music School, Specialized Musical Boarding School and regional secondary specialized musical and children arts schools will get high conservatory education.

Most of the students are the laureates of annual musical school contest as well as the winners and diploma holders of state youth artistic contests.

For example, Mekan Batyrov and Ajap Ilova from Lebap Velayat, the winners of secondary specialized musical schools, will study accordion and fortepiano. Representatives of Balkan and Mary Velayats Ogulgerek Halylova and Sohbet Chopanov entered the faculty of composition and Turkmen music.

Begenchmuhammet Muhametkuliyev from Ahal Velayat who entered the faculty of wind and percussion instruments continues the list of Turkmen National Conservatory first year students. Maksat Annamuradov from Ashgabat will study on the same specialization.

Bilbil Tagandurdiyeva from Dashoguz is among talented first year students.Talented girl, the winner of “Yanlan, Diyarum!” music contest, will study stage vocal.Examination commission composed of prominent art masters evaluated artistic potential of the aspirants for academic music education.

There were People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Atageldy Garyagdiyev, Honoured Arts Masters of the country Osman Gujimov and Aman Chakanov, Honoured Bakhshy of Turkmenistan Kerven Yovbasarov, composer Meret Annamuradov and other among them.

The State Arts Academy traditionally receives the graduates of profile secondary specialized schools to the ranks of the first year students. There are number of participants and winners of various creative contests of national and international level among the first year students.

For example, Azatmurat Lapbanov, former foster of UAE President, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan “Doveltlyler Koshgy”, Aksona Saparmedova, the graduate of Byashim Nuraly Ashgabat Art School among them.

Seyidova, diploma holder of International Art Festival (Kazakhstan) and the graduate of Byashim Nuraly Ashgabat Art School became the student of the State Arts Academy of Turkmenistan.The list of eminent first-year students is continued by the winners of international creative contest in Russia Yalkab Garriyev, the graduate of Byashim Nuraly School and Leyly Amandurdiyeva, the foster of Rodoguna Creative Centre.

Current first-year student of Arts Academy Aygozel Sumbarova from Ak Bugday atrap, Ahal Velayat is among the graduates of Rodoguna.

At present, the State Arts Academy of Turkmenistan provides professional study in seven faculties namely painting (specialities like monumental, easel, theatrical and decorative paintings), graphics with easel and book graphics, sculpture and design with the same name speciality, architecture with design of architectural environment and restoration of architectural monuments, art study with history and theory of visual art speciality, decorative and applied art with ceramic, jewellery, carpet making arts specialities.

This is the first time in this year when study at visual arts speciality has a group for study of payment basis.

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