On the coast of the resort “Avaza” everything is ready for the influx of tourists, the Olympic team of Turkmenistan recognized its rivals in the qualifying tournament of the Asian Cup-2024 in football and other news

On the coast of the resort “Avaza” everything is ready for the influx of tourists, the Olympic team of Turkmenistan recognized its rivals in the qualifying tournament of the Asian Cup-2024 in football and other news


1.The holiday season at the NTZ “Avaza” has opened in Turkmenistan.All the beaches and hotels of the national tourist zone are ready for the swimming season.

All preparatory work for the summer vacation at sea has been completed.It is worth noting that by the start of the new season, public utilities and health resorts have done a lot of work.

Amusements parks, sports facilities, fountains, swimming pools and sandy beaches have been put in order.

2.The heritage of Magtymguly Fragi, represented by Turkmenistan, was included in the register of the United Nations specialized agency for education, science and culture “Memory of the World”.

The collection of works by the classic of Turkmen literature includes more than 80 sofas that spread throughout Turkmenistan in the 18-19 centuries.The Memory of the World Program was established by UNESCO in 1992 and is aimed at preserving and widely promoting the world's documentary heritage.

3. Ashgabat hosts an exhibition of works by three artists from the Mary velayat - Shohrat Berdyev, Gurbandurdy Terkeshev and Merdan Akmammedov. The works of masters occupied two floors of the Ashgabat Exhibition Center.

4.Romania will take part in the International Festival of Dance and Folklore in Turkmenistan.This issue was discussed during the meeting of the Deputy Minister of Culture of Turkmenistan with the Minister of Culture of Romania.

The parties discussed the possibility of participation of the Romanian side in the “Avaza 2023” International Dance and Folklore Festival, which will be held in Turkmenistan on June 13-16.

5.On May 25, the “last bell” sounded for graduates of secondary schools of Turkmenistan.The ceremonial line marked the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.

This date will certainly remain in the memory of all graduates as something exciting and unforgettable.In honor of the holiday, a solemn assembly was also held at the Joint Turkmen-Russian School named after Pushkin.

This year, 94 graduates say goodbye to the educational institution.Graduates were awarded prizes and commendations.Among them were the winners of the state republican Olympiads in the Russian language and biology.

A special holiday atmosphere was given to the event by the production of the Russian film “Cheburashka”, dance and song numbers with the participation of children from school creative circles.


6.The neurotechnology company Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk, will start clinical trials to implant a chip into the human brain to control a computer and smartphone without the help of hands.

Preliminary tests for implanting chips in the brains of monkeys in 2021 were successful - the experimental monkey learned to move the cursor around the screen without the help of a joystick.

7.On the island of Hokkaido in Japan, two elite “Yubari” melons were sold at an auction for 3,5 million yen.Melons of the “Yubari” variety are distinguished by an ideal spherical shape of fruits, delicate peach-colored pulp and a dense network of light cracks on the surface of the peel.

They are grown in Hokkaido in very small batches in greenhouses, and a large amount of volcanic ash in the soil gives these melons a special taste.


8.From May 26 to 27, matches of the 9th round of the championship of Turkmenistan on football among clubs of the major league will be held.These meetings will end the first round of the championship of Turkmenistan, the teams will go on a break, and the players of the national team of Turkmenistan will begin preparations for the CAFA-2023 tournament, which will be held from June 10 to 20 in Tashkent and Bishkek.

9.The Olympic team of Turkmenistan recognized the rivals in the qualifying tournament of the Asian Cup 2024 among teams under 23 years old.The tournament draw was held in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

According to its results, the national team of Turkmenistan got into group K, where they will play matches with the teams of Indonesia and Taiwan.It is worth noting that the winners of the groups, as well as the four best teams among the runners-up, will receive tickets to the final part of the Asian Cup, which will be held next year in Qatar.

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