Police officers in civilian clothes impose fines on residents without masks

In November law enforcement officers of Lebap velayat of Turkmenistan were obliged on a daily basis to detain and impose fines on five violators of mask mandate.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that in order to execute the plan, police officers of Gerabekevyul, Khalach, Serdarabat, Farap and other settlements of Lebap velayat patrol residential areas in their own cars in civilian clothes and in their own cars in order not to attract attention and then detain those standing near their houses without a mask

A police officer approaches a violator, presents his ID and imposes a fine of 25 manats. In case of a second violation, the fine goes up to 75 manats.

Retail outlets are being inspected by the police in the same manner. Shop assistants and cashiers must work in gloves, masks and oversleeves. Otherwise shop managers are fined 1600 manats and in the event of a further violation the penalty is 3500 manats.

According to sources of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, public sector employees as well as police officers are expected to start checking offices and facilities owned by foreign companies in Ashgabat with a view to identifying violations of public health regulations.

Meanwhile, the news outlet Turkmen News reports that in some districts of Mary velayat teachers have been obliged to patrol the streets.

On Sundays they need to control the execution of the mask mandate.Many police officers accompany the teachers to ensure the face mask mandate is observed.If an individual is spotted without a face mask for the first time, a warning is issued.

If the mandate is violated for the second fine, a fine of 250 manats is imposed.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” has previously reported that no fine payment receipts are issued to violators of the mask mandate.

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