Preparations for the meeting of the heads of state of Central Asia were discussed in Dushanbe, Kazakhstan will take part in the Ashgabat forum on health, education and sports, which will be held in October and other news

Preparations for the meeting of the heads of state of Central Asia were discussed in Dushanbe, Kazakhstan will take part in the Ashgabat forum on health, education and sports, which will be held in October and other news


1.Consultations between the ministries of foreign affairs of the countries of Central Asia were held in the capital of Tajikistan.The main goal of the consultations is to prepare for the Fifth Anniversary Consultative Meeting of the Heads of State of the region, which will be held in Dushanbe.

The parties discussed in detail the draft documents that are planned for approval at the summit, including the agenda and the Joint Statement.

2. The delegation of Kazakhstan intends to take part in the international forum on health, education and sports, which will be held in Ashgabat on October 10-12. Olzhas Sakenov, head of the “Bolashak” Center for International Programs, informed the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan Batyr Rejepov during the meeting.

3.Uzbekistan intends to create its own fleet on the Caspian Sea in order to increase the volume of traffic along the Trans-Caspian route. “Now we are building our own terminal in the Baku port, which will become the basis of our initiative.

In addition, we have reached agreements with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan on shipping issues, which will permit us to quickly solve all urgent problems”, - said Bekzod Kholmatov, director of the Center for the Study of Transport and Logistics Development at the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan.

4.The Union of Economists of Turkmenistan announced the recruitment of candidates for the “Internship Program for Small and Medium Businesses in Turkmenistan”.Participants of the program will be able to complete a two-month internship in the leading private companies of Turkmenistan.

Students of 3rd and 4th year universities and professional educational institutions of Turkmenistan, as well as university graduates not older than 25 years old, regardless of the place of study, are invited to participate in the program.


5.An international team of scientists conducted a study and found out how many steps you need to take daily to reduce the risk of death.Based on 17 studies involving more than 220 thousand people, it was found that at least 3 967 steps per day can reduce the likelihood of death from any cause, while 2 337 steps reduce the risk of heart disease.

This applies to both men and women, regardless of age or where they live.

6.In New Zealand, the population of kakapo parrots, which practically disappeared in the 60s of the last century, is being revived.Flightless kakapo disappeared from their natural habitats due to the dominance of ermines and cats brought to the islands by Europeans.

Specialists from the Department of Conservation have released four male kakapo to the reserve on the North Island.They settled in a fenced and protected area, having previously cleared it of small predators that threaten the population of parrots.

The aim of the scientists is to revive and preserve the kakapo in their natural environment on the New Zealand mainland.


7. “Merv” presented a team photo of the 2023 season, which depicts the players, the coaching staff and the club's management.The team photo was taken at the home arena of the “Sport toplumy” club in Mary, which can accommodate 10 thousand spectators.

Let us remind that the current bronze medalist of the championship of Turkmenistan “Merv” after 17 years will make a second attempt to compete for the second most important Asian club trophy.

8.A 3x3 basketball tournament starts in Minsk, which will be held within the framework of a large-scale sports forum - the II Games of the CIS countries.

The main trophy will be fought by 8 men's teams - one each from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as two teams put up by the hostess of the competition - Belarus and Belarus-1.

The national team of Turkmenistan will enter the court under the leadership of Toyly Bayriyev in the following composition: Dovlet Narmyradov, Maksat Hojaberdiyev, Kirill Besh and Rejepgeldy Annamuhammedov.

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