The President has summed up the outcomes of the expiring year, which was held under slogan “Turkmenistan Home of Neutrality”.Despite the complicated situation in the world, Turkmenistan has managed to achieve stable development of national economy in 2020.

Numerous social and production facilities have been built and put into operation.Thousands of happy families have celebrated house-warming parties.Number of international projects, which are to turn the country into new important link of regional and interregional transport and communication system is under implementation.

The Leader of the Nation has mentioned success in agriculture, health protection, science and sports and highlighted important role of culture and art in study and enrichment of cultural heritage of the nation.

The President has highlighted high international authority of Turkmenistan, which is based on neutral and legal status and recognized by the world community, which was reflected in the resolutions of the UN and other international organizations supporting numerous political initiatives of our state.

2021 will be held under slogan “Turkmenistan Home of Peace and Trust”. The 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence will be celebrated in the next year. National Parliament will change to two-chamber system, which will make good conditions for further strengthening of legal base of the Motherland and more efficient work of this body of the government power.

Salary wages, pensions, state allowances and student scholarships will be increased by 10 percent since January 1, 2021.

“Let New Year be the year of peace, prosperity success and abundance for the planet! Let New Year bring comfort and solidarity to your family hearth! Let happy days and prosperous life last for centuries!” the President said in the end and congratulated fellow countrymen on New Year 2021!

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