Prices for hotel vouchers in “Avaza” double

This year the price of hotel vouchers for the recreational zone “Avaza” has considerably increased, correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report. For instance, a five day stay in a hotel with breakfast is 5 to 6 thousands manats per person despite the fact that in the previous years it cost 2,3-3 thousand.

In the meantime, those wishing to stay in “Avaza” hotels are informed that there are no vacant rooms from 25 July to 10 August. All rooms have been reserved for high-ranking officials and their family members.

President Serdar Berdymukhammedov previously encourages deputy prime ministers, ministers and other officials to take an annual leave from 1 August to 1 September to vacation in “Avaza” and other resorts in “Archman”, “Yilysuv” and others.

The exceptions are traditionally the Deputy Prime Minister, executives of the agricultural sector and heads of provinces, who will be allowed to go on holidays after the completing of the cotton harvesting campaign.The post Prices for hotel vouchers in “Avaza” double first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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