Private Businesses in Turkmenistan’s Export Industrial Products Worth $5.43 Million

Private Businesses in Turkmenistan’s Export Industrial Products Worth $5.43 Million

Private businesses in Turkmenistan’s eastern province of Lebap have exported industrial goods worth $5.43 million in the first seven months of 2022.

Since the beginning of the year, mainly polypropylene and polyethylene bags, polyethylene pipes, secondary polymer, isogam, liquid bitumen mastic, accumulators, sewing cotton and liquid industrial mixture produced in the province have been shipped abroad, the local newspaper reported on Thursday.

The businesses’ products were mainly exported to Uzbekistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, the UAE, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

During the seven-month period, 12 businesses exported their products. Last month, the list of exporters was supplemented by three more private producers, including Kiçi Gala and Altyn Gül companies and Entrepreneur Rustam Rajapov of Farap district.

Lebap province, located in the eastern Turkmenistan, borders Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The province’s central city is Turkmenabat.

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