Representatives of Turkmen universities successfully performed at the International Mathematical academic competition

Over one hundred students, graduate students and undergraduates from higher educational institutions of different countries of the world, including Russia, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkmenistan and others became participants in the first International Mathematical academic competition named after Nikolai Copernicus, which ended in Krakow.

Our country team was represented by students and graduate students of the Turkmen State University named after Maktumkuli, the International University for the Humanities and Development, energy and agricultural institutions, which won eight awards of various dignity. The teachers Nurmuhammed Gurbanmamedov (TSU) and Pirmurad Gurbanov (IUHD) headed the national team.

As already reported, the leaders of the Turkmen national team were representatives of the Mahtumkuli TSU. On their account - four second and one third place.

Three more third places are on the account of the upper year students of Mekan Khojaev (energy institute), Nury Atajanova (agricultural institute), as well as the first year student of the International University for the Humanities and Development of Perman Iljanov.

Teachers from the energy and agricultural institutes, as well as the State University - Kerven Durdymuradov, Gurtmurad Motukov and Palvan Agamuradov (respectively) - became participants in the tour for graduate students and young teachers, deserving special diplomas and certificates.

Solemn ceremonies were conducted in honor of the winners, during which it was noted that the successes of Turkmen students in subject international academic competitions, including mathematical ones, testify to the effectiveness of reforms in the scientific and educational sphere upon their return to their homeland in universities where representatives of the intellectual team are studying and working.

The participation of students and teachers of different universities of our country in the national team is an excellent motivation for improving the professional skills of mentors and research talent of representatives of the younger generation, whose knowledge, purposefulness and competence will determine the country's progressive development.

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