Residents of street 2249/1 in the district of Choganly have not received food ration

New regulations for distributing food rations at fixed prices were introduced in Ashgabat almost a month ago. In order to avoid queues, groceries are now being delivered to residents’ homes.

The food ration has been scheduled to be delivered to each household once a week but this schedule is not being observed.

For instance, many families residing in private houses in the district of Choganly in the northern suburbs of Ashgabat have not received their food rations yet. Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that there are a lot of complaints from residents of the street 2249/1.

The locals say that the owner of “Nygmat” store, who is in charge of food distribution in the district, is reselling groceries through privately-owned stores.

The vehicle delivering groceries stops only in front of the houses owned by his relatives or acquaintances.The driver does not signal residents of the neighbouring villages to collect their sets of groceries.

Because this district is home to one-storey houses and cottages, residents do not have enough time to notify their neighbor when they spot the truck.

People are trying to find out the reasons from the store manager. However, the truck driver does not let people contact the store manager. Complaints and appeals to other authorities do not bring about any result.

This information has been published at the request of Choganly residents who are hoping to reach out to the khyakim of the etrap.The post Residents of street 2249/1 in the district of Choganly have not received food ration first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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