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Joint Stock Commercial bank develops new types of digital services and works on implementation of the system of distant banking.
At present moment, technical preparation to the launch of internet banking service for legal entities and entrepreneurs has been accomplished. Head of Automatic Credit Department of Rysgal JSCB Abat Kurbanov explained that the bank gives opportunity to the client to manage their assists and payments remotely using multi-factor identification of client from any device that has internet connection at any time. Undoubtedly, it will enhance the accessibility of banking services as well as quality of service of legal entities and accelerate non-cash payments. Clients of Rysgal Bank will be able to activate of deactivate SMS notification, receive account statements to email, making payment of various services, refill balance of mobile or land phone, settle credits as well as transfer money from card to card.
In addition, the bank has introduced Rysgal Pay e-wallet. QR code payment system and mobile wallet will allow making any payments from mobile device. Modern banking services are planned to be introduced and unified throughout all branch network of the bank.