S7 Airlines officially resumed regular flights to Turkmenistan, the 4th edition of “Auto review” was published on the Turkmenportal website, Turkmen and Austrian universities signed a memorandum

S7 Airlines officially resumed regular flights to Turkmenistan, the 4th edition of “Auto review” was published on the Turkmenportal website, Turkmen and Austrian universities signed a memorandum

1. The Russian airline S7 Airlines has started flying from Turkmenistan to Russia after an almost two-year break due to the pandemic. The carrier resumed regular flights on the route Moscow - Turkmenbashi - Moscow on Airbus A320 liners. Flights will be operated once a week, on Mondays.

2. The next issue of a program about cars has been released on the Turkmenportal website. This time, the host of “Auto review”, Yunus Allanazarov, tested the 2018 Lexus IS. The new issue is recommended for viewing to all fans of the Japanese car industry.

3. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the International University for the Humanities and Development (Turkmenistan) and the Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria). The memorandum provides for the implementation of joint research projects, educational programs, student exchanges and other areas of cooperation.

4.On October 20, a meeting between entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and the business community of the Ryazan region of the Russian Federation will be held via videoconference.The event is aimed at strengthening the interaction between the business circles of Turkmenistan and Russia.

During the videoconference, the main industrial companies of the Ryazan region and their activities will be presented.Representatives of Turkmen companies interested in participating in this event can apply to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

5.The eighth wonder of the world is called Turkmen carpets, which from ancient times to the present are the national pride of Turkmens.They are found in Hollywood films and in the interior of prestigious organizations.

The Kümüş Ýüpek Economic Society offers to buy the “eighth wonder of the world” in your workspace.You can order halach carpets on the website turkmen-carpets.com

6. On October 30, the Turkmen Alabai Festival will be held in Turkmenistan. Within the framework of the celebrations, the second and final rounds of the international competition “Brave Turkmen Alabai of the Year” will be organized.

7. Scientists have calculated that in order to reduce weight, prevent heart disease and cancer, it is necessary to take at least 10 thousand steps per day. It is not necessary to run, any walk with a sufficient number of steps has a positive effect. It is only necessary to take care of comfortable shoes and a step counter.

8.Members of the world-famous South Korean K-pop group BTS are enlisting in the military for their mandatory military service.According to the laws of the Republic of Korea, the singers have to pay military duty from 18 to 22 months, depending on the type of troops.

At the same time, while serving in the army, they will be allowed to rehearse and give concerts, including abroad.

9. “Real Madrid” and France striker Karim Benzema has won the “Ballon d'Or” in 2022. The award ceremony was on Monday at the “Chatelet” Theater in Paris. Second place in the voting for the most prestigious individual award in football went to “Bayern” and Senegal striker Sadio Mane. Third place - Belgian Kevin De Bruyne from “Manchester City”.

10.The football player of the national team of Turkmenistan moved to a foreign club.Maya Musatskaya will continue her career in the Turkish club “Dudullu spor”.

Her contract with the Istanbul club is for one year.Musatskaya is the first football player from Turkmenistan who was invited to play abroad.Previously, the athlete played for football and futsal teams in Ashgabat.

Since 2016, she has been playing for the national football team of Turkmenistan.

11.The national tennis team of Turkmenistan starts in the Davis Cup match against the team of Bhutan.In these competitions, Turkmen tennis players compete in the IV group of the Asia and Oceania zone.

The national team of Turkmenistan will play in one subgroup with the teams of Bhutan, Mongolia and Cambodia.Teams from Kuwait, Bahrain, Guam, Singapore and Laos will play in the other subgroup.

The winners of the subgroups will play in the decisive match for the right to participate in the III group of the Asia and Oceania zone in 2023.

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