Speech delivered by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a meeting with the deputies of the Turkmen Parliament

Speech delivered by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a meeting with the deputies of the Turkmen Parliament

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

We have a wonderful custom - to consult with the people, to rely on their opinion while starting any responsible business.Following this wise tradition, I have decided to meet with you today and discuss the key tasks of the further comprehensive development of our independent neutral state in 2021, which motto is “Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust”.

At the meeting, we will discuss the next tasks ahead for the intensive development of the native Fatherland, as well as set new grand goals for the current year. In my speech before you I want to address these issues.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

The new year 2021 is of special significance to all of us. As you know, in a few months we will widely and solemnly celebrate the important dates that occupy an important place in the national calendar: the 140th anniversary of our white marble capital - Ashgabat and the glorious 30th anniversary of the country's independence.

Independence Day is our national holiday, which inspires us to reach new heights in the name of a prosperous and happy life.

Therefore, on September 27, the historic date of the establishment of our independent state, we will celebrate the new glorious successes and victories that will increase our achievements, which testify to the country's confident progress on the path of peace, creation and progress.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Despite the financial and economic downturn in the global economy, we continued to implement new economic reforms last year, modern technologies and digital systems were used in all spheres, productive work on the formation of innovation and industrial clusters, expansion of international activity, expansion of international partnerships and, as a result, have provided a stable dynamic of growth of our economy.

They have implemented concrete measures to achieve high levels in the implementation of policies in the field of industry, investment, social sphere, improving the level of well-being of the population, strengthening the competitiveness of the economy.

I will not dwell in detail on the economic situation of the country and international issues. We have considered them in detail at the recent special working meetings with industry leaders and an extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of 2020. Therefore, we will now consider the tasks of improving the country's legal system.

Taking into account the interests of the state, society and every individual, we, in accordance with the requirements of the time, improve the national legal system.

In 2020, Members of Parliament, together with the Cabinet of Ministers, relevant ministries and departments, have done some work in the field of legislation, but despite this, I want to express my dissatisfaction with your work now.

Today the world is changing at a rapid pace.Almost every week there are new issues that require an urgent solution.Mankind is experiencing a global recession due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been the biggest disaster of the last century.

Note that the monthly damage caused by the pandemic to the world economy is about $ 400 billion. To date, the number of jobs worldwide has decreased by 500 million.

Unfortunately, this tragedy has put the whole of humanity, including our people, in an unpredictable and very difficult position. In addition, extreme anxiety is exacerbating the ecological situation in the region and on the planet.

Together with neighboring countries and the world community, we continue to work to minimize the effects of the ecological catastrophe caused by the drying up of the Aral Sea.

But the situation is still complicated, which is why we are experiencing great difficulties, especially in the summer.For this reason, we have the right to expect our deputies to take prompt and concrete measures to respond to the above circumstances, which in difficult conditions were to be quickly developed and adopted legislative acts that allow the native people to work and live in peace.

Alas, no expected results yet. Many laws lag behind. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes or work on them.

Dear Members of Parliament!

It is necessary for the Mejlis to raise the level of the entire legal platform qualitatively and, first of all, to develop laws that directly define the present and future of our country as a socially oriented legal state.

This applies to key areas such as the economy, health care, education, employment and wages, and social security.Here are some laws that require urgent development and are of paramount importance to the Mejlis:

The main objectives of the “Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the Socio-Economic Development of the Country for 2019-2025” are to determine the further prosperity, increase of the economic potential of the Independent Fatherland and the well-being of the native people.

1. In this context, it is necessary to create legal frameworks for the reforms envisaged in the Presidential Program, to adopt new legislative acts aimed at improving the efficiency of the markets in the market economy, their active integration into the global economic space, and to improve existing laws;

2. It is necessary to stimulate investment activity by supporting the entrepreneurial initiative of citizens;

3. It is necessary to privatize state property and create joint-stock companies;

4. In the context of market relations, we carry out a scientifically sound economic strategy, with special emphasis on the full supply of the domestic market of domestic products. Consequently, the laws governing these relations need to be improved and brought to a state;

5. We must continue to make extensive use of the potential of the private sector in all sectors, in spite of the continuing adverse events and complex financial and economic situation in the world economy, and to pay special attention to the economic and financial development of the system;

6. As a result of the development of market relations, the coordinated interaction between the public and private sectors is an urgent task. This year we need to carry out effective work on systematic analysis and improvement of legislative acts regulating issues in this area;

7. It is necessary to expand the scope of work on efficient use of public funds, regulation of fiscal and monetary relations, stimulation of investment activity, development of financial markets;

8. I also consider it important to continue working in key areas, such as improving legislation to promote import substitute producers and creating additional jobs;

9.Here I want to draw your attention to another important question.We are faced with the priority tasks of integrating innovative technologies, competitive digital economy into different segments of the national economy, creating a harmoniously functioning electronic industry, leveling the gap between the city and the country related to the digital system.

They require an increase in the quality and reliability of the information and communication system of communication, including information services, the development of its information and communication security, full-fledged use of human intellectual potential;

10.The development of the digital economy in the country creates an environment for the implementation of effective systems, achieving economic growth and high productivity in the long term, contributing to the quality and implementation of modern public services, improving social conditions, and minimizing Internet-related risks and risks.

In this regard, for the development of the digital economy, it is necessary to systematically modernize its legal framework;

11.Today, our country has become a strategic transport and logistics hub of the region and the continent.Therefore, one of the key areas of the national economy is the industrial development of natural resources and raw material fields and their processing, the production of finished products with high added value.

To this end, it is necessary to create optimal legal conditions for attracting investments, improving the accounting system of enterprises, stimulating the creation of advanced joint technologies equipped with joint ventures to produce competitive products, and expanding international trade and economic relations.

To do this, it is necessary to regularly improve national legislation in this area.In this regard, it is necessary to prepare a draft Law of Turkmenistan “On State Registration of Legal Entities” to bring the state registration of legal entities to the current state;

12.Effective work should be carried out to upgrade and expand the provision systems of individual regions and points of the country, to create conditions for the involvement of entrepreneurs in these spheres.

Guided by this, it is necessary to apply new methods of economic management in the regions that are in line with the norms of the market economy, to intensify economic activity by creating new jobs.

To this end, it is necessary to pay constant attention to the improvement of legislative acts to create free economic zones and ensure their fruitful functioning;

13.Law - normative and legal act regulating public relations, rights and duties of citizens, enterprises and departments, interaction of society and the state.Therefore, one of the main tasks facing the Parliament is to strengthen the legal framework for ensuring human rights and freedoms.

Because, the main criterion for improving legal norms is the protection of rights, freedoms of man and citizen, protection its health, ensuring the sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the population, norms of public morals, achieving the order of exercise of state power, public order and security, protection of property, legitimate interests of the individual, society and the state, their effective implementation.

In this context, I consider it appropriate to make amendments and additions to the Code of Administrative Offenses of Turkmenistan;

14. In accordance with the requirements of the time, it is also necessary to improve the national legislation governing the activities of arbitration courts. In this regard, taking into account the great importance of studying the experience of arbitration arbitrators, I commend the relevant work on adoption of the new Arbitration Code of Turkmenistan;

15. In addition, it is necessary to continue the work on drafting the improved Civil Code in the new edition. At the same time, it would be advisable to set out the rules of international private law in the Code, guided by the requirements of time and positive international practice;

16.It is also very important to modernize the legal framework to counter the legalization of proceeds of crime, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Guided by international practice, I consider it necessary to prepare a draft and adopt in the new edition the Law of Turkmenistan “On Combating the Legalization of Income Earned by Crime, Financing Terrorism and Financing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”;

17. I also consider it necessary to develop the project and to adopt in the new edition the Law on Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies of Turkmenistan, to ensure the improvement of this Law in accordance with modern transformations and requirements to ensure the successful solution of the tasks set by the enterprises and institutions in this direction.

18. Deputies should pay attention to the importance of laws regulating the legal status of political parties and public associations. The Assembly should work closely with them and involve them in the work of improving the legislation of the country;

19. Deputies of the National Parliament, together with socio-political organizations, should hold meetings with farmers and student youth and study their views and wishes;

20. Together with women's and youth organizations and with the participation of women jurists to strengthen the work carried out among women and girls, to organize discussions on women's rights and responsibilities, national family traditions and values, and moral education.

The parliament must exercise strict control over the implementation of laws on gender equality by political parties and public organizations. Continuation of work on modernization of laws in this area is very important at a new stage of social development;

21. The greatest wealth for a person is health. In accordance with the “Saglyk” State Program, we are making every effort to systematically improve the health care system as a key factor in the sustainable development of the state and society.

We will continue to work to protect the health of our citizens, to create optimal conditions for their happy life, and to further improve the well-being of the people.

In addition to the elimination of various infectious diseases, we must also take all measures to prevent non-infectious diseases.

This is not the competence of one ministry or industry. We should approach this work comprehensively.

Based on this, I would like to focus your attention on the analysis and improvement of legislative acts in this area.

If necessary, it is necessary to adopt special laws that define the legal, organizational, economic and social foundations for the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases. Thus we can form a healthy society;

22. We regularly carry out policies aimed at improving the living conditions of the population.

In order to improve the well-being, the standard of living of citizens, we annually increase the size of the salaries of employees financed from the budgets of government agencies, self-employed enterprises and public associations, pensions, state benefits, scholarships for students by 10 percent.

We will continue this work and in the future, we will pay special attention to strengthening the legal basis of each reform in the field of social protection of the population.

In order to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens to work, healthy and safe working conditions, the modernization of labor relations needs to be continued in the preparation of the draft Labor Code in the new edition;

23. We pay special attention to family values that nurture high moral qualities in our youth.

In the family begins the upbringing of children with a sense of national pride, respect for other peoples, respect for achievements of the independent state and society.

Therefore, in order to improve and strengthen the legal framework of family relations, I consider it appropriate to make appropriate changes to the Family Code of Turkmenistan based on time requirements.

In this case, it is necessary to clearly define the goals and objectives of state and public activities. On the basis of the above, national norms should be introduced in the Family Code of Turkmenistan that inspire great achievements and the main ideas of our grand goals that reflect the wishes of the native people.

Our main task in this regard is to educate our compatriots, first of all, the youth, in the spirit of love for the Fatherland, as citizens who rejoice in its future and are proud of its national traditions and customs;

24. We will continue to pay great attention to the further planned development of our culture - the souls of the people, attach special importance to the preservation, enrichment and wide popularization of the national heritage of the ancestors, the upbringing of the rising generation in the spirit of patriotism and high morale.

In order to develop and popularize the culture of our country, contacts with international organizations are being systematically expanded. Cooperation with UNESCO is one of the priorities of the state strategy in the international arena.

The result of the long-term partnership was the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the State Historic and Cultural Preserves “Ancient Merv”, “Kunaurgench”, such historical and cultural monuments and reserves as the fortresses of “New and Old Nisa” and the epic “Gorogly”, the art of singing and dancing “Kushtdepdi” and the national carpet art of the Turkmen people - in the Representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

We are also carrying out appropriate work aimed at glorifying the world in the world of crafts for the manufacture of dutar and the art of performing it, the art of bakhshi, as well as the traditions of raising Ahalteke horses and breeding Turkmen Alabay.

All this is the cultural and spiritual heritage of our courageous people.

At the moment, the necessary work is underway to include the capital of our country - Ashgabat - in the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities.

In order to preserve the national traditions and customs, history, culture, as well as to improve the living conditions, to guarantee the legal and social protection of creative workers, to regulate the legal relations in this direction it will be advisable to develop the draft Law of Turkmenistan “On Turkmenistan”.

25.State Youth Policy - a unified system of socio-economic, political, cultural and organizational and legal measures aimed at ensuring the rights, freedoms and state guarantees, support of young citizens, as well as full recognition of their role in society.

Legislation in this area needs to be improved to further strengthen the legislative framework for state support for the rights of adolescents and youth;

26. Education, vocational training, physical and spiritual development are exemplary national principles of educating young people, rooted in the ages.

Our ancestors created proverbs that carry a huge educational message: “Honey is sweet, but the baby is sweeter than honey”, “The baby is cute, but his upbringing is still sweet”.

Our main goal is to ensure a healthy and comprehensively harmoniously developed young generation, to get them modern education, to educate young people in the spirit of love for the Motherland. Therefore, we attach great importance to the harmonious development of the education system, the formation of young healthy habits, their upbringing in the spirit of patriotism and humanism.

As part of the modernization of the national education system, we will continue to build various educational institutions equipped with modern computers, educational and technical equipment, interactive and multimedia technologies.

In order to further develop the education system in accordance with modern trends, the legislative base in this area needs to be strengthened to carry out the necessary work on the drafting of a new version of the Education Law;

27. Energy diplomacy plays a key role in the foreign policy of our independent state. On the basis of our initiatives, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a Resolution on the provision of stable and reliable supplies of energy to world markets.

With its huge reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials, Turkmenistan has identified as a key task the introduction of high-tech industries, accelerating the dynamic development of the national economy by attracting significant investments. In this context, in our country, a lot of attention is paid to the rational and efficient use of fuel and energy resources.

Necessary work should be done to bring the activities carried out in this direction in line with the requirements of the time. Therefore, the axis Special attention is paid to the introduction of innovations, high technologies and advanced world practices in this field.

With the launch of the first national artificial satellite into space, huge opportunities and conditions have been created to establish the relevant world standards of the telecommunication system, improve the quality of work of television and radio channels.

Much is being done to provide our citizens with high-speed Internet. At the same time, great opportunities are being created for our compatriots to take advantage of the branched mail service, the volume and quality of which is growing systematically.

For the purpose of legal regulation of the public relations in the country in the postal sphere, the rights and responsibilities of the parties in the postal business, as well as the powers of the state bodies in this area, the legal framework of the system needs to be improved.

Dear Members of Parliament!! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

28. By attracting foreign capital, we have built modern power plants in all regions, reconstructed existing ones.

We have secured energy independence of our country. At the same time, Turkmenistan has become an exporting state of electricity. Priorities for the development of the national energy sphere are outlined in the coming decades, measures are taken to strengthen the position of our state in the structure of global energy.

In order to protect the environment and ensure the ecological well-being of the country, we carry out regional and global work, periodically improve environmental legislation.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the growth of electricity in our independent state, for which the power supply systems of individual regions and territories should be developed. To this end, it is necessary to develop innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy sources for the environment.

We have adopted the “State Program for Energy Saving for 2018-2024”, the “Program for the Development of Turkmenistan's Energy Diplomacy for 2021-2025” and the “National Strategy for the Development of Renewable Energy in Turkmenistan until 2030”.

In order to strengthen the legal framework in this regard, I believe it is expedient to adopt the Law on Renewable Energy, which will define the legal, economic, organizational and social framework for work on alternative energy sources;

29. Appropriate work is also being done to increase the population of free-living birds in the wild and in the Caspian Sea of our neutral Fatherland, and measures are being taken to protect and rationally use the state's hunting grounds, protect and increase the number of rare or endangered species in the wild.

In order to bring the legislative framework in place in this direction, the “Law on Hunting and Game Husbandry”, which will define the legal, economic and organizational framework for work in this area, needs to be brought to a proper state;

30.In the context of the transition of all segments of the economy to market “rails” cardinal reforms are carried out in the fish industry.The State Committee for Fisheries of the country was abolished and handed over to the entrepreneurs.

In this regard, it is urgent to bring the legislation on fisheries and conservation of aquatic bioresources to a modern state.

Dear participants of the meeting!

31. “Paradise” Ahalteke horses are our pride and glory, an inexhaustible source of spiritual revival.

We are carrying out specific work on preservation of Ahalteke horses, revival of noble traditions in this direction, increase of their livestock, comprehensive study and further development of horse breeding.

In our neutral country, the National Day of the Turkmen horse is widely and solemnly celebrated in April every year.There is also a conference of the International Association of Ahalteke horse breeding.

At present, the neutral Turkmen state has actively joined the world economic relations.The legal relations that have arisen as a result of this require the improvement of the legislation in this area.

Therefore, I consider it appropriate to make, in accordance with the time requirement, amendments to the Law on Horseback Riding and Equestrian Sports.

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

32. I would like to draw your attention to another important issue. We attach great importance to the creation of food abundance in our country, to the provision of the native people with environmentally friendly products.

In accordance with international experience, the requirement of time, the peculiarities of national living standards, the use of new organizational and legal forms of agricultural production is of great importance.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide all measures for the efficient and rational use of water resources.Strictly control the work on the full mo the availability of drainage collectors, the correct implementation of the land cadastre.

All of them are among the most important tasks.

In this regard, the deputies of the Mejlis should carry out the necessary work on improving the Water Code, as well as the Law “On the State Land Cadastre”. I am confident that these laws will be very effective in creating a legal field for cardinal reforms in agriculture.

Dear Members of Parliament!

33. Sacred independence has opened up new possibilities for establishing friendly relations with foreign countries. In this context, we are working to fully support the efforts of the international community in ensuring universal peace, security and sustainable development.

In 2020, we celebrated the jubilee date - the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's permanent neutrality. The policy pursued by our neutral state finds wide support around the world.

At the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, on the initiative of our country and with the unanimous support of the member states of the international community, the Resolution “The Role and Importance of a Neutrality Policy in Supporting and Strengthening International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development” was adopted.

At the 47th meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the resolution “The role of the policy of neutrality in maintaining and strengthening international peace, security and sustainable development in the region of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and worldwide” was adopted.

At our initiative, the United Nations adopted Resolution 2021 - International Year of Peace and Trust.

The progress made is a clear confirmation of the general recognition of the constructive initiatives we have put forward for the development of international cooperation.

In the year under the motto “Turkmenistan - Motherland of Peace and Trust”, we must carry out modern reforms aimed at realizing the international obligations taken by our neutral state.

We should also thoroughly study the international legal norms set out in international treaties, agreements and conventions, which Turkmenistan is a party to. Guided by this, we must continue to work on the legislative support of the foreign policy activities of the neutral state.

I believe that it would be appropriate if the Mejlis in 2021 will be guided by the principle of strengthening the legislative framework of the programs envisaged in the implementation of the proposals received from the ministries and departments.

As part of ongoing work to improve national legislation, taking into account new opportunities and modern international norms, it is necessary to add to the Law on Diplomatic Service. Also to prepare a draft of the new edition of the Law “On the legal status of foreign citizens in Turkmenistan”.

In addition, guided by the tasks of the State Migration Service, a draft Law on Amendments and Additions should be developed and in the Laws on Migration and Migration Services;

34. The issues of international and inter-parliamentary cooperation play an important role in the multilateral work of the Parliament. In this context, one of the main areas of activity of the Majlis this year is the continuation of productive bilateral cooperation with foreign parliaments, authoritative international organizations.

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers! Dear Members of Parliament!

35. Within the framework of the constitutional reforms being carried out, one of the main tasks is to increase the efficiency of the work of local governments.

In accordance with the requirements, one of the important tasks is to ensure the exercise of territorial self-government by the Gengesh and public bodies provided for in the Constitution and laws of Turkmenistan.

In this context, it is advisable to develop a draft law on local self-government. The document should provide for the conclusion of the current level of work related to the improvement of the powers of local governments, compliance with the international experience of the legal status of management structures.

It is also necessary to determine the standards for providing high-quality services to the population, to ensure the organization of this work in a new way.

Guided by these tasks, the bill should clearly define the tasks and powers of local self-government bodies. Provide for the creation of an effective system of regulation of relations between the executive and local authorities;

36. Improving the country's electoral law should also be the focus of the Mejlis. That is why, in accordance with the time requirement, the Electoral Code needs to be systematically improved based on the accumulated experience.

The provincial, district and city councils, as well as the Genesh, are representative bodies of local government and local self-government. To organize their work in accordance with the Mejlis must provide close assistance to these bodies as a matter of time. To this end, joint seminars and work on clarifying the relevant legislative acts should be held.

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers! Dear Members of Parliament!

As you can see, many of the previously adopted laws need to be amended.

Now they must meet today's requirements. And time changes very quickly. Life requires decisive action, creative initiatives, important reforms from all of us.

In this regard, I consider it necessary to analyze and update all the legislation.Adoption of laws that meet the high requirements of time will allow to improve the legal system, to further strengthen the legal framework of the independent state, confident of the next step to new heights with the rapidity of the jump in the era of power and happiness.

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

2021 is of special significance for our country.This year we must envisage the further development of our powerful state and the achievement of high figures.And first of all, we plan to ensure reliable social protection of the native people.

We intend to further strengthen the economic power of the independent Motherland, to ensure prosperity, the inclusion of our country in the developed countries of the world and the improvement of the well-being of the people.

To this end, we have adopted a number of programs for socio-economic development of the country.For the full implementation of these programs we must all work tirelessly and diligently.

In order to strengthen the legal framework for the reforms envisaged in these programs, the deputies of the Majlis must improve the existing laws in accordance with the requirements of the time and, if necessary, adopt new laws.

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

At the September meeting of the People's Council of Turkmenistan, we set important tasks.

These tasks, within the framework of reforms aimed at improving public administration and society, are related to the improvement of the activity of the representative legislative body of state power.

I believe that this new stage in the development of representative and legislative bodies is an important and effective step.This stage is aimed at strengthening the democratic, legal and secular foundations of the state and society, and the establishment of sustainable political institutions.

Today, the legislature of the state government is moving to a qualitatively new, two-chamber parliamentary system, which is an important historical event in the socio-political life of our state, as well as a vivid example of the celebration of the humane principle “The state is for man!” and state policy, consistently implemented for its practical implementation.

All this creates ample opportunities for participation through representative bodies in the governance of the state and society on the basis of the free use of the constitutional rights of our citizens to vote and be elected.

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Now, on the eve of the elections of the members of the National Council of the People's Council of Turkmenistan, I would like to note that these elections are radically different from the previous ones. These elections, which are “not direct”, are being held in our country for the first time.

For the first time, the election of members of the People's Assembly of the National Assembly of Turkmenistan is being held.According to international law, these elections are part of the democratic electoral rights.

That is why the forthcoming election campaign, guided by the tasks of improving the political system, democratizing the state and public life of the country, needs to be carried out at a high level, in an atmosphere of openness and transparency.

In these elections, in accordance with the articles of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the norms of international law, the requirements of the electoral law must be strictly observed.

For this purpose, a sufficient legal base has been created in our country.I would like to note that the Parliament of Turkmenistan has spent a very short time doing a lot of work on improving the electoral legislation.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Law “On the National Council (Milli Genesh) of Turkmenistan” was adopted. Normative legal acts arising from this document were developed. Changes and additions have been made to the Electoral Code. All this will allow us to hold elections at a high organizational level.

It is very important to nominate members of the People's Council as candidates for people who enjoy great authority and respect for those who love their country.For, the effectiveness of the work of the National Gengesh People's Council in the future will depend on the level of knowledge and professionalism of its members.

Compliance with these requirements is of great importance for the organization of coordinated joint work of the National Genesh Chamber.

According to my earlier instructions, the Mejlis and the Central Election Commission must continue to work on the activities of the Halk Maslahaty Mill Genesh.

Dear Members of Parliament!

In our country, not only have the right to vote been declared, but also the necessary conditions for their use have been created. Our people, public associations, showing great interest in the transformation of the country's legislative system, take an active part in this work.

In this regard, with the participation of Members of Parliament, political parties, representatives of public organizations and relevant experts, it is necessary to carry out on-the-spot work among the people to explain the significance of the forthcoming elections. Organize meetings and presentations on TV and radio channels.

In general, to continue the measures to broadly explain to the people the nature of the work involved in the forthcoming elections. The transformation of the country's legislative body will allow the national parliament to represent the interests of all sections of the Turkmen society, as well as regions, in the national parliament.

All this will help to solve the ripe questions. It will have a positive impact on improving the development and application of laws.

It will create conditions for closer relations between Members of Parliament and voters. It will provide good opportunities for effective monitoring of the implementation of laws and national programs.

Thus, adhering to democratic norms regarding free competition, openness, freedom of speech and ideas, we will hold elections for members of the People's Council of Turkmenistan on March 28, 2021.

As I noted earlier, the rich experience accumulated by our society and the state in the past and in the present is an invaluable contribution to moving forward.

I am convinced that the priorities of the work of the Halk Maslahaty and the Mejlis Milli Gengesh will be to recognize the universally recognized norms of international law, respect for the equality of man and citizen before the law, their rights and freedoms, taking into account public opinion on the basis of democracy, openness, justice and the rule of law.

The effectiveness of the work of the supreme legislative body of Turkmenistan will have a positive impact on increasing the importance of the national parliament in the era of power and happiness, and will ensure the constant support of democratic initiatives and justice.

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers! Dear Members of Parliament!

As I mentioned earlier, in the age of power and happiness, we are preparing for a wide celebration of the anniversary - the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of the year under the motto “Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust”.

For a short period of time, our country has established a solid foundation for a democratic, legal secular state.

In the consciousness of the people, cultural and spiritual life, great changes have taken place, and new social relations have been formed.

During this time, the material and spiritual values of the state, independence, and the high humanistic traditions of the people, passed down from generation to generation, were revived, which go back to their roots for centuries. In state and public life, democratic norms have been gradually introduced.

The valuable experience of friendly relations with foreign countries and international organizations for the benefit of universal peace and sustainable development was accumulated.

During the years of independence, Turkmenistan has proved the fundamentality and effectiveness of the chosen path of national development. Our country at the international level has put forward important political, economic and environmental initiatives. Gaining immense international authority as a peace-loving country, it has become a powerful and dynamic developing country with long-term development goals.

We have approved the Program of Action in the Country and Abroad to Plan the 30th Anniversary of Turkmenistan's Independence, the 25th Anniversary of Its Permanent Neutrality, and the Declaration of 2021 as the Year of Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust.

In accordance with this Program, we have important and responsible tasks to propagate by all means and methods the historical significance of the transformations that took place during the years of independence in the life of the country, the international authority of our state, to bring to the world public the experience of construction.

That is why the Mejlis should clearly state the main areas of work carried out by political parties, public organizations and the media in this regard.

All necessary means should be used to assess the current level of socio-economic development of Turkmen society, the true situation of the current historical epoch, education and development of the native people with a high sense of pride for their homeland.

At the events dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence, the modern image of our Motherland must be fully revealed in the works of literature and art.

It is necessary to reflect the free and happy life of the native people, its inexhaustible material and spiritual potential, high spirituality and unyielding will.

Jubilee events should contribute to a clear understanding of the value of sacred independence and neutrality by our citizens.They must disclose the possibilities of free governance of their country, land and its wealth.

Create conditions to understand how invaluable it is to see the wonderful fruits of independence.To help our citizens to contribute to the power and happiness of the socio-economic transformation in the era.

Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Members of Parliament!

On this I conclude my speech. Each of us must work hard to turn our Motherland - independent neutral Turkmenistan - into an even more beautiful and powerful state!

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

We have very big and responsible tasks ahead of us. I am confident that after successfully resolving them, you will meet the 30th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland, and make your worthy contribution to the prosperity of the whole country!

In the year of peace and confidence, which will be the year of new achievements, we, with boundless pride for our Motherland, will confidently achieve the set great goals and high borders.

For, our independent neutral state is a country of the fulfillment of desires, the edge of prosperity and happiness!

Dear Members of Parliament! Dear members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

I wish you all good health, family well-being, a happy and prosperous life, and great success in your work.

“Forward, forward, only forward, my homeland state - Turkmenistan!”

Ashgabat, February 25, 2021

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