Sportswear brand Joma announces 25% discounts on the entire line

Sportswear brand Joma announces 25% discounts on the entire line

The official representative of the Spanish sportswear brand Joma in Turkmenistan announces 25% discounts on the entire line of products. The discount campaign starts on June 25 and will last until June 30 inclusive.

Joma produces sportswear, shoes and equipment for all sports, for amateur and professional athletes.Football, basketball, handball players, cyclists, athletes, fitness enthusiasts wear the Joma brand uniform.The range of sportswear from Joma includes T-shirts, shorts, tops, sweatshirts, windbreakers and insulated jackets, leggings, as well as socks and leggings.

There is also a wide range of shoes - running shoes, football shoes and sneakers for indoor sports.

For its sportswear Joma uses fabrics made using special Dry MX technologies. Such fabrics not only permit the skin to “breathe” during physical exertion, but also contribute to the removal of moisture - even with profuse sweating, sportswear from Joma does not become wet and does not stick to the body.

Joma sports shoes are designed to reduce stress on the feet and ligaments. Its outsoles offer superior traction and slip-resistance on all surfaces, while the insole is shaped to support the natural curves of the foot. The top of Joma shoes is usually made of leather, and the lining is made of nylon.

The Joma brand was launched in Spain in 1965. Initially, it was a small football boot factory. Its new owner, who became the founder of the brand, decided to expand the model line of sports shoes, and then the factory began to produce sportswear.

At present time, Joma products are represented in more than 70 countries around the world, the company has offices in the USA, Europe and Asia.The brand is one of the top ten manufacturers of sportswear and equipment in the world.

The leading football, basketball, volleyball teams of the world play in Joma uniforms, including the football clubs “Villarreal” and “Getafe” (Spain), “Hoffenheim” (Germany), “Anderlecht” (Belgium), “Norwich” (England), “Zenit” (Russia), “Turin” (Italy), as well as the football teams of Bulgaria, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Honduras, Romania, the Spanish futsal team.

In addition, Joma equips the Armenian national team in all sports except football.

Joma brand has been on the market of Turkmenistan since 2012. His clients are the basketball, fencing and athletics federations of Turkmenistan, “Shagadam” and “Energetik” football clubs, “Denizchi”, “Senagatbank”, “Migration”, “Turan” football clubs, sports teams from Ashgabat universities and children's sports clubs.

The official distributor of Joma in Turkmenistan is also a representative of the Author line of bicycles and bicycle accessories (Czech Republic). In the brand's brand store, fans of cycling around the city and the surrounding area will be able to choose the perfect bike for themselves for all types of trips, as well as related equipment.

You can evaluate the quality of sports uniforms and accessories from the Joma brand in the store of its official representative at the address: Ashgabat, “Bagtyyarlyk” shopping center, 2nd floor, store № 24.

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